Sweet Life (Yaoi) manga

Sweet Life (Yaoi)
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Takamine Akira 2000 released.
Slice Of Life / Yaoi
スウィートライフ; スウィート・ライフ; 甜蜜的同居生活
Vol.1 Ch.02
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Kuramoto Yuushi, 17, is going out with aloof and arrogant, Kuzuhara Shuuichirou, a 28-year-old novelist. However, Yuushi's tender age makes him doubt his place as a lover to this mature adult who never expresses his feelings… Fear, insecurity and jealousy will assail young and earnest Yuushi who chases after the years that separate him from the man he loves… But sometimes the most immature and desperately in love is not always the obvious one… 
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well done! you must use condoms boys and girls, not all... okey umm... 0 26 Days Ago
to tell you the truth i find this boring not worth ky t... curiosCAT 5 29 Days Ago
next please... (^-^) Anonymous 0 29 Days Ago
onii-chan is very hot. I hope there's a story for ... Airi-sama 2 29 Days Ago
kyaahahhahaha, oh brother. jae 0 30 06,2014 17:02
More please! Yuiren 0 29 06,2014 22:43
***COCKBLOCKER Hiiyaah!!!! 1 29 06,2014 12:55
Love this manga Vykki Q 0 29 06,2014 12:36
lol!... the brother, he actually care for them, at leas... keanzyn08 0 28 06,2014 11:17
The brother is such a pain, but you can tell that he re... Vampire Queen 0 28 06,2014 06:32

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