Risou no Tsuma no Takurami wa manga

Risou no Tsuma no Takurami wa
Elizabeth Boyle 0 released.
Historical / Josei / Romance
Risou no Tsuma no Takurami ha,Something About Emmaline,
Vol.2 Ch.04-06(end)
Vol.1 Ch.01-03
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Tired of evading matchmaking mama's and his grandmother's constant pleas for a granddaughter-in-law as well as great grandchildren, Baron Sedgewick- Alexander Denford finally acquires a wife. His wife is retiring, sickly and accomodating, in other words, perfect. That is why she lives secluded in their country home. She also corresponds frequently with Alex's grandmother. However when bills from the baroness starts appearing from various shops in London, Alex vows to get to the bottom of it. As his wife is only a figment of his imagination.What exactly will he find in London?

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Risou no Tsuma no Takurami wa Vol.2 Ch.04-06(end)

Dec 15, 2011

Risou no Tsuma no Takurami wa Vol.1 Ch.01-03

Dec 15, 2011
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