Puchi D Kemono (Yaoi) manga

Puchi D Kemono (Yaoi)
Nicoco Ryouya Yoshiki Aya Hashiba Noriko Miyashita 2006 released.
Fantasy / Yaoi
D Kemono
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A collection of one shots featuring little boys with animal ears.

1) A young man with a love for cute things picks up a stray cat that turns into a boy with cat ears and tail when he gets home. What will he do now?

2) Temptation Season (Winter)
A boy experiments on his friends and he ends up with bear ears?!

3) White & Black
A young bunny-boy wanders from his home and runs into a cat, how can some one with such poor instincts survive?

4) Cat Life
A young man realises that his pet cat is in heat, how can he help?

5) Together with a Wolf
A story about a sheep and wolf who find friendship and explore the other meaning of what it is to "eat" someone...
(Also published in Boku no Goshujinsama)

6) Black Rabbit
A rich man takes pity on the black rabbit no one wanted, but perhaps his intentions weren't as pure.

7) Just the Two of Us
A slightly mentally challenged boy and the cat that takes care of him.

8) Mark of the Angels
Feathers sprout on Tamura's head one day, and then angels show up to take him away. What can his best friend do to keep them together.

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Puchi D Kemono Ch.8(end)

Feb 11, 2011

Puchi D Kemono Ch.7

Feb 11, 2011

Puchi D Kemono Ch.6

Feb 11, 2011

Puchi D Kemono Ch.5

Feb 11, 2011

Puchi D Kemono Ch.4

Feb 11, 2011

Puchi D Kemono Ch.3

Feb 11, 2011

Puchi D Kemono Ch.2

Feb 11, 2011

Puchi D Kemono Ch.1

Feb 11, 2011
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