Motto Shigekiteki Na Kankei (Yaoi) manga

Motto Shigekiteki Na Kankei (Yaoi)
Yamakami Riyu 2007 released.
One Shot / Yaoi
もっと刺激的な関係; More Stimulating Relationship
Vol.1 Ch.1(end)
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Read the prequel SHIGEKITEKI NA KANKEI first.
Playboy Kaiya never thought much of his coworker Makise, until a series of events led to the night Kaiya was raped by him! Makise turns out to be handsome and sadistic, taunting Kaiya every chance he gets. No
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good but i would like to read about sm where no one is ... rilakkuma 0 11 Days Ago
I want a sequel where he totally accepts his M side Vampire Queen 3 28 06,2014 02:35
Oh man!!! If we read the comments on both this manga an... soulofalover 0 18 06,2014 05:33
I think this is the first Yaoi were I was actually a li... You can take my soul just dont take my Yaoi XD 0 09 05,2014 06:53
This is another annoying manga damn. I don't see w... LadyFujoshi 5 12 04,2014 08:40
hhh pretty good and funny i wush it was longer Anonymous 1 12 04,2014 08:39
OMG the Dramatic turn of events in this managa and the ... Yaoi Lover ♂♂ 2 04 04,2014 14:05
Moreeeeeee where's the continuation !!!!! Iloveyaoi 0 21 12,2013 16:10
too short! ilovebutikingpalaka 0 12 09,2013 07:13
Haha. Really good :D kayne 0 12 09,2013 03:17

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Motto Shigekiteki Na Kankei Vol.1 Ch.1(end)

Jan 14, 2011
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