Misupuri! manga

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Seizuki Madoka 2010 released.
Harem / Romance / Shoujo
ミスプリ!; 公主小姐; Miss Princess; Misu Puri!; Misu-Puri!
Vol.2 Ch.7
Vol.2 Ch.6
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In the world of the high society , it is expected that each member of every family has their own personal butler. Himeoka Kokoro is a natural tomboy with a knack for sticking her head into trouble. Kokoro hopes to be able to hire a butler for herself, but only temporarily so she can partake in the nationwide "Miss Princess" model search. She is determined to win the competition because of a promise she made but runs into problems on the way. She incidentally saves an old lady who turns out to be the President of Butler, the most prestigious butler agency in Japan. The old lady decided to help her with the model search & Kokoro is suddenly faced with four good looking butlers to help her on the way to winning the title "Miss Princess".
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>\\< Aww...... I wish there is more of misupuri!!... Mikau 0 06-20 23:30
Go for it girl!! Love it!! Anonymous 0 05-05 12:36
thx for updating :) Anonymous 0 05-03 17:23
I wanna be like that girl too!!!! Sakura-chan 0 02-02 08:03
Cute! shoujo fan 0 01-31 01:35
Why hasn't this updated at all?! Baka girl 0 01-22 04:25
Awesome! I hope more comes out soon this is really inte... manga lover 0 12-20 02:16
Incest. Ew. Em 0 09-19 02:15
next chapter?????? ... 0 07-04 16:02
So cute! But chapter 7 has poor scan. I hope for the ne... nelz 0 05-23 18:10

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