kokoro wo hadaka ni shite manga

kokoro wo hadaka ni shite
SHINJO Mayu 1995 released.
Drama / Fantasy / Romance / School Life / Shoujo / Smut
A Vampire at My Neck Bare the Heart Bare the Heart - Mayu-tan's Throbbing Note #3 Dakishimete tokashite Examine Me Gently Hold Me, Melt Me Kokoro wo Hadaka ni Shite Kokoro wo hadakani shite Kubisuji ni Banpaia Kubisuji ni Vampire Yasashiku mitene
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1) Bare the Heart (Kokoro wo Hadakani Shite)
Mina is a high school freshman with a crush on her math teacher...who also happens to be her cousin Yukiya! Mina has always been very precious to Yukiya, and at times it seems like he can see straight through to her heart, but can he ever see her as a woman and not just his cute little cousin? How long can Mina's flirtations go unnoticed by Yukiya (or by the sadistic and lascivious chemistry teacher, for that matter)?

2) A Vampire at My Neck (Kubisuji ni Banpaia)
Be careful when you go groping in the dark... you might just find a vampire! That's what happens to Hitomi. Now she's attracted to Kairi despite what he is. Or is it because of what he is? Kairi has a powerful charm... but is he too charming? Dangerously charming?

3) Hold Me, Melt Me (Dakishimete Tokashite)
Ryou is a high school sprinter who's racing for a different kind of goal--his pretty track manager, Airi! He says he wants chocolate from her on Valentine's Day, but...is that a delicious metaphor for something sweeter? Whatever the case, it melts in the mouth!

4) Examine Me Gently (Yasashiku Mitene)
Sanae just had her appendix removed. But while she waits in post-op for her surgery wound to heal, she starts to develop another malady--love sickness! And her handsome new attending physician, Dr. Touya, is the cause! What can cure Sanae's ailment? ...A sponge bath, maybe?

Omake: If you have ever wondered why Shinjo Mayu's female characters have such big breasts and why her heroines seem so young...then you must read this omake! It is a great insight into the mind of Shinjo Mayu!

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