Itsuka Hanayome ni manga

Itsuka Hanayome ni

A Girl in a Million,A Girl in a Million (Harlequin Pink),

Genre(s) Drama , Josei , Romance , Shoujo ,
Author NEELS Betty   0 released.
Status Completed   
Latest Chapters Ch.1(end)


A vacation fling was completely out of character for old-fashioned Carol, but her attraction to intriguing, older Marius tempted her to break her own rules. The next thing she knew, though, he'd turned up working at her hospital! Does she have what it takes to attract-much less keep the attentions of-this intimidating, sophisticated, and utterly compelling man?

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Date Added

Itsuka Hanayome ni Ch.1(end)

Dec 6, 2011

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    i love how the brother is all confused at the end! his face is hilarious! i liked the couple

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