Heart Strings (Yaoi) manga

Heart Strings (Yaoi)
Akira Norikazu 2007 released.
Mature / Yaoi
ハートストリングス; ハート・ストリングス; Heart Throb; Heart Strings
Vol.1 Ch.5.6(end)
Vol.1 Ch.5.5(end)
Vol.1 Ch.5
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Due to unexpected events, Sakaki ends up being Yuki's "customer" and he's touched by Sakaki's words... but after discovering that a sweet fleeting kiss was just a game, what will Yuki do? Never fear; keep strong and keep believing! A love battle showdown between a yakuza and his wife! (Includes unreleased pages.)
Loosely connected to 'Twin's Labyrinth'. The final chapter "Love go-round" also invovles Rin and Ayumu from 'Twin's Labyrinth'.

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Heart Strings Vol.1 Ch.5.6(end)

Apr 15, 2013

Heart Strings Vol.1 Ch.5.5(end) : : Valentine Extra vol.01

Dec 4, 2011

Heart Strings Vol.1 Ch.5 : : Rin-san & Ren-san epilogue vol.01

Dec 4, 2011

Heart Strings Vol.1 Ch.4 : : I'm a host vol.01

Dec 4, 2011

Heart Strings Vol.1 Ch.3 : : Love ? go-round vol.01

Dec 4, 2011

Heart Strings Vol.1 Ch.2 : : Heart strings vol.01

Dec 4, 2011

Heart Strings Vol.1 Ch.1 : : Heart throb vol.01

Dec 4, 2011
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