Bambi Manhwa manga

Bambi Manhwa
Park Young Ha 2004 released.
Comedy / Historical / Romance / Shoujo
Vol.1 Ch.1(end)
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This is a story about a young girl who encounters a boy, after losing her memories. But this boy only has one arm, and in place of the other arm is a wing. This was because he was cursed and the spell was only half broken.
Will she ever regain conscious? Will his cursed ever be fully lifted? ... What will happen to these two?
From Baka-Updates:
Set in the classical age of Korean history, a stubborn beautiful young lady finds herself one day out in the middle of nowhere... and to make things worse, she can't remember a thing! Her name, where she's from, and why she was almost about to drown in a pond. But fate would have it though, that a dashing young man with blonde hair and a wing for his right arm would rescue her.
Somehow, deep down inside, this young man puts her at ease, and since she had lost all of her memories, she asks him to name her. With a face expressing the mixed emotions of sadness, remorse, and hope, he names her Bambi. Immediately, Bambi feels as though she has regained a part of herself as the name Bambi somehow feels so nostalgic. Especially the way the young man says her name... It almost feels as if she has known him since childhood...
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If I threw a rock at something shiny, think it'll ... Silver Wolf 1 13 02,2014 02:30
Cute story. I like the six swan story motif. Anonymous 0 26 09,2012 01:15

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Bambi Manhwa Vol.1 Ch.1(end) : : [Includes chapters 1-5. See forum thread for chapter names.]

Jan 14, 2011
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