• Other Title:
    Author: AISORA Manta
    Genres: Shounen , Comedy ,
    Summary: From MangaHelpers: This side story of "Haiyore! Nyaruko-chan" focuses on their daily life. The deity from Lovecraftian mythos, Nyarlathotep, has come to Mahiro in the form of a young girl. She explains that the Lovecraftian deities are actually aliens, and that Mahiro is being targeted to be taken and sold by aliens. Nyaruko moves in with him, along with Cthugha and Hastur (other deities) and the group lives together in not-quite-harmony. [tethysdust]
  • Other Title: 学園ナイトメア; School Nightmare;
    Author: Houjyou Yutori
    Genres: Shoujo ,
    Summary: This is the story of a girl who transfers to a new school and quickly becomes popular, and also becomes the focus of another student who focuses on the occult, and for good reason… – via mangaupdates
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 火ノ丸相撲;
    Author: Kawada
    Genres: Martial Arts , Shounen , Sports ,
    Summary: It is a divine ritual, a martial art, a combat sport—it's sumo!!
    A "small" new student, Ushio Hinomaru, appears before the weak little sumo club of Oodachi High School! The words "big" and "heavy" are the rules to this sport, which does not fit this newbie any inch, but this guy goes and does what...!?
    Ushio and the small sumo club climbs its way to the top!
    The goal is *Hinoshita Kaisan!
    A fired up high school sumo tale—no retakes allowed!!

    *Hinoshita Kaisan - A title for the highest rank in professional sumo, equivalent of Yokozuna.

    From Mangahelpers
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Other Title:
    Author: MASHIMA Hiro
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Shounen ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Other Title: None
    Author: mashima hiro
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , One Shot , Shounen ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0(end)
  • Other Title: 先生、ズルイよ; Sensei, Zurui yo; Shall We Have a Secret?
    Author: shiumi saki
    Genres: Romance , School Life , Shoujo ,
    Summary: From Chibi Manga:

    Though she disliked herself for being so studious, our heroine confessed to her teacher in order to become a bad girl. She expected that he would reject her right away, but instead of that he just said that he was OK and that she had to "keep it secret"...!! 
    Latest Chapters: Vol.17 Ch.85
  • Other Title:
    Author: Reon Merryweather,Kaji Pato
    Genres: Comedy , Psychological , School Life ,
    Summary: A psychedelic, artistic, psycho-pop adventure following the strange Sylvester Strangelove through the great Graveyard Academy, a purgatory school taking in, and hoping to reform troublesome youth after they die too young to be sentenced to hell, yet too much trouble for heaven.
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Sp X Baby  new

    Other Title: SP×ベイビー; Special Police x Baby
    Author: enjouji maki
    Genres: Comedy , Drama , Josei , Slice Of Life , Smut ,
    Summary: [Decadence Project] Hasegawa Tamaki is a high school graduate in her early twenties. She's looking for a full-time job to support herself and her brother. Even those she's unqualified because she didn't go to college because her parents passed away. On the way to a job interview one day, she sees a man being chased by another, suspicious-looking man and she steps in and attacks the pursuer. Luckily, the pursuer wasn't actually trying to attack the man running away, the two are employer and bodyguard, and the employer was trying to run away from his bodyguard to go have some fun. The employer then surprises Tamaki and offers her a position as his bodyguard!!!
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 守望春天的我们; We hope for blooming; 春待つ僕ら;
    Author: Anashin
    Genres: Romance , School Life , Shoujo ,
    Summary: Mizuki, who can't open her heart to a person, decides to turn over a new leaf in the high school. But it does not go well… a good-looking group of 4 guys at school that's shown to be hard-cases, approach her...
    Mizuki gradually gets to know their true figures and starts to take caution. Full of good-looking men and the insanity of youth to start the new year.
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: Spinning Marauder;
    Author: Noda Satoru
    Genres: Seinen , Sports ,
    Summary: From MangaHelpers:

    Shirakawa Ro has to move to a relative’s town in the country side with his twin sister Haruna when their mother suddenly dies in a car accident. Left as orphans at the age of 15, the two have to deal not only with their only parent but an entire new environment. Ro was supposed to succeed his mom’s dream of winning a medal in the Olympics but with her dying the day before the big event, Ro breaks down and misses his only chance to reach his dream. Now stuck in the small town of Tomakomai, Ro finds a new passion in ice hockey and regains his focus in life. [vyc]
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 黒の組曲; Kuro no Kumikyoku;
    Author: MATSUMOTO Yoko
    Genres: Horror , Mystery , Psychological , Tragedy ,
    Summary: Volume 2 of the Kuro Series:
    v.1: Kuro no Ronde (Black Dance)
    v.2: Kuro no Kumikyoku (Black Collection)
    v.3: Kuro no Meikyuu (Misteri Ernest)

    Included in this series:

    In v.1:

    Kuro no Ronde (黒の輪舞)
    Kanashimi no Antoine* (哀しみのアントワーヌ)

    In v.2:

    Kuro no Kumikyoku (黒の組曲)
    Tenshi wa Yami ni Hohoemu* (天使は闇にほほえむ) 1-3
    Bell ga Nattara . . .* (ベルが鳴ったら…)

    And in v.3:

    Kuro no Meikyuu (黒の迷宮)
    Mou Ikutsu Neru to . . .* (もういくつだると…)
    13-banme no Seiza* (13番目の星座)
    Kabe no Naka* (å£ã®ä¸ )
    Aoi Yami no Tenshi* (青い闇の天使)
    Latest Chapters: Ch.2c Ch.2b Ch.2a
  • Supinoza  new

    Other Title: スピノザ; Spinoza
    Author: koike keiichi
    Genres: Adventure , Psychological , Seinen ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.7(end) Ch.6(end) Ch.5 Ch.4 Ch.3(end) Ch.2
  • Other Title: None
    Author: JAL
    Genres: Horror , Psychological , Seinen ,
    Summary: A boy’s terrifying dream that brings an end to humanity that is rotting. A high school student named ‘Gi Haru’, who has an illness that prevents him from differentiating between reality and delusions. His only friends are his studious friend ‘Kang Yul’ and girlfriend ‘Kang Lee Ha’. However one day, after seeing a hallucination of a Nazi assembly during his friend Kang Yul’s poetry recitation, the school falls into a pandemonium of hell where everyone is killing each other, but Gi Haru believes it to be another one of his delusions. However, that was the blunt truth. That ‘day, where the mass murder of the entire student body took place,’ (The starting day) Gi Haru kills his girlfriend Kang Lee Ha with his own hands, is betrayed by his one and only friend Kang Yul, and ends up losing both his eyes. Afterwards, he was detained in a mental institute as the culprit of massacring the entire student body, but after receiving help from the capable group of ‘panthers’ he begins to chase after Kang Yul and begins the road of vengeance.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 彼女で満室; Kanojyo de Ippai
    Author: manabe jouji
    Genres: Ecchi , Harem , Mature , Romance , Seinen ,
    Summary: Akira Toudou is eager to put his past behind him and start his new life in a new apartment. With key in hand, he discovers that his new bachelor pad has been double-booked and like it or not, he’s going to have to take on a roommate. Not just any roommate though, but busty, free-spirited, adult manga artist Hina Kamiyama. Akira is going to have his hands more than full fending off his nosy boss and Hina’s entourage of randy artist friends as he tries to get his life back on track.
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.2 Vol.1 Ch.3 Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 東方Project dj - ふたりのあいだのこころとねつと; Touhou Project dj - The Heart and the Heat Between Us
    Author: iro wa, nioedo okari
    Genres: Doujinshi , Romance , Shoujo Ai ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1(end)
  • Other Title: 東方Project dj - STEP BY STEP
    Author: akanagi youto, cloud palette, kuroyume naoto
    Genres: Doujinshi , Romance , Shoujo Ai , Supernatural ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1(end)
  • Other Title: Kantai Collection -KanColle- dj -Yarukinee Teitoku to Hisho Tatsuta-san Kai; Kantai Collection -KanColle- Lazy Admiral and Tatsuta;
    Author: Kimi No Tame Nara Shineru (Circle)
    Genres: Comedy , Doujinshi , Drama , Romance , Slice of Life ,
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.0
  • Other Title:
    Author: KAMON Saeko
    Genres: Drama , Romance , School Life , Yaoi ,
    Summary: Honda is on the swim team while his high school senior, Momotani-senpai, acts as his private coach after quitting swimming. One night after they get drunk together, Honda finds Momotani wearing a woman's swimsuit, seducing him! How will Momotani react to his attraction to him, and will their friendship be affected?

    Also includes Mizugi Kareshi, which features a different couple and was originally released as doujinshi. Atsushi was best friends with quiet and girly-looking Yu, but stopped talking to him! Does it have to do with him dressing up in a woman's swimsuit? What happens when Yu finds out about his not-so-innocent desires?
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 東方Project dj - きまぐれいむさんのにちじょう。; Touhou Project dj - The Daily Life of Carefree Reimu
    Author: angeltype, nejiki rio
    Genres: Comedy , Doujinshi , Slice Of Life , Supernatural ,
    Summary: From Gaku Gaku Animal Land:

    It’s not only oversized disembodied heads that can take it easy. And Reimu here is certainly an expert in going through the day in a relaxed, nonchalant way. 
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1(end)
  • Other Title: None
    Author: moritake
    Genres: Adult , One Shot , Yaoi ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1(end)
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