• Taiyou No Ie  

    Update Date: 4 Seconds Ago
    Other Title: たいようのいえ; 太阳之家; House of the Sun.
    Author: taamo
    Genres: Romance , Shoujo ,
    Summary: From Mixini Studios:
    "Back in the day, this place was like a house of magic. Surely there must have been an invisible wizard living here in such a place so filled with both tears and laughter. Or so I used to think."
    What’s a young child to do when her mother leaves her father for another man? Or when her father remarries a woman who brings along a child from a previous marriage? Or when her childhood neighbor friend invites her to live with him?
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime  

    Update Date: 4 Minutes Ago
    Other Title: 赤髪の白雪姫; Red-haired Snow White Princess; Princesa Blanca Nieves Peli-roja (Spanish); الاميره بياض الثلج ذات الشعر الأحمر (Arabic); 白雪姬传说/秋月空太; Die rothaarige Schneeprinzessin (German); rødhåret prinsesse snehvide (danish)
    Author: akizuki sorata
    Genres: Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Shoujo ,
    Summary: Shirayuki was a young girl born with unique apple-red hair. She meets a famous but foolish Prince Raji, who falls in love with her at first sight and orders her to become his concubine. With nowhere else to go, Shirayuki cuts her hair and escapes to a neighboring country. While traversing through the forests, she meets a young man, Zen, who helps her after she boldly cures his wounds, but then gets poisoned by an apple meant for Shirayuki. Meanwhile, Prince Raji sends out henchmen to search for her. What will happen to Shirayuki? What is Zen’s true character? A refreshing fantasy love story between an optimistic heroine and a prince who constantly stays on her watch.

    -- Aerandria Scans 
  • Cheonsaeng Yeonbun  

    Update Date: -198 Seconds Ago
    Other Title: 天生缘分; 천생연분; Cheonsaeng-Yeonbun; Soul Mates
    Author: yeo ho-kyoung
    Genres: Comedy , Gender Bender , Romance , Shoujo ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.38 Ch.37 Ch.36 Ch.34 Vol.1 Ch.33 Ch.32
  • Nukoduke!  

    Update Date: -182 Seconds Ago
    Other Title: ぬこづけ!; Nukozuke!
    Author: Yugi Iro
    Genres: Comedy , Shoujo , Slice of Life ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.39 Ch.38 Ch.37 Ch.36 Ch.35 Ch.34
  • Gonensei  new

    Update Date: 12 Minutes Ago
    Other Title: 五年生; Gonen Sei; The 5th Grade
    Author: Kio Shimoku
    Genres: Romance , Seinen , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: The sequel to Yonensei.

    Akio and Yoshino believed all there was left for them was to graduate. But life had different plans for them.

    Yoshino moves on while Akio stays behind, and something between them begins to change.

    The story of their youth continues.
  • Otogi Matsuri  

    Update Date: 14 Minutes Ago
    Other Title: おとぎ奉り; 주작의 활; Otogi Tatematsuri
    Author: inoue junya
    Genres: Action , Historical , Horror , Mature , Romance , Seinen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: The manga starts off with a very odd killing. Then, it jumps to a few days later where Yousuke (not to be confused with Kyousuke) ends up breaking a small shrine. It later gives him the guardian Suzaku--just in time too, for he must face the murderer that opened the manga. As it progresses up to the four volumes as of this summary, it introduces the other three people who also have guardians, that destroy monsters.
  • Rei - Kage Miko  

    Update Date: 40 Minutes Ago
    Other Title: 零 影巫女; Fatal Frame: Shadow Priestess
    Author: amagi seimaru,hakus
    Genres: Horror , Supernatural ,
    Summary: From Manga Box:
    College student Sara Washizuki was shown a mysterious film photograph by paranormal photographer Tousei Ryuuzaki. In it was captured something she had left sealed away with her memories of a particular incident in her elementary school days… Based on the hit video game "Fatal Frame."
    Latest Chapters: Vol.00 Ch.3 Vol.00 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Nozomu Nozomi  

    Update Date: 40 Minutes Ago
    Other Title: のぞむのぞみ
    Author: nagatsuki misoka
    Genres: Romance , Seinen ,
  • 3 AM Dangerous Zone  

    Update Date: 2 Hours Ago
    Other Title: Gozen 3 Ji no Muhouchitai
    Author: nemu youko
    Genres: Comedy , Josei , Romance ,
    Summary: Plot: Momoko, who dreams of becoming an illustrator, finds employment in an ultra fast-paced office that specializes in designing pachinko parlors!! With the office running a yazuka-like business and employing a designer, who has a habit of suddenly stripping in the middle of the night, Momoko believes that the company employees are a bit... no, definitely eccentric!! She continues pulling all-nighters, unable even to return home... And in the midst of cigarette-filled fumes, where women's authority takes a step back, she asks herself, "Why am I here?"
  • Ane no Kekkon  

    Update Date: 2 Hours Ago
    Other Title: My (Elder) Sister's Marriage;
    Author: Nishi Keiko
    Genres: Josei , Romance , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: Yori Iwatani is close to her 40s and is giving up on love and marriage. She has decided to live a quiet solitary life in her hometown. But when a handsome former classmate appears, things change for her.
  • Omi-sensei no Binetsu  new

    Update Date: 2 Hours Ago
    Other Title: Mr. Oomi's Slight Fever; Ohmi Sensei no Binetsu; Ohmi-Sensei no Binetsu; Omi-Sensei no Binetsu; Oomi-Sensei no Binetsu;
    Author: KAWACHI Haruka
    Genres: Drama , School Life , Seinen , Shounen Ai , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: Omi Tsukasa, who still holds a flame for his close friend and first love, Su-chan, becomes a new teacher assigned to his old school. There he spots Su-chan's doppelganger, a student named Sugimoto. Upon finding out that Sugimoto is Su-chan's nephew, Omi starts having an interest in him, much to the annoyance of his target of interest.
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Twelve Nights  

    Update Date: 3 Hours Ago
    Other Title: 십이야(十二夜)
    Author: muryui
    Genres: Adventure , Historical ,
    Summary: http://comic.naver.com/bestChallenge/list.nhn?titleId=414983&no=4
    Latest Chapters: Ch.33 Ch.32 Ch.31 Ch.30 Ch.29 Ch.28
  • Tsukikage Baby  new

    Update Date: 3 Hours Ago
    Other Title: 月影ベイベ; Moonlight Baby
    Author: kodama yuki
    Genres: Drama , Josei , Slice Of Life ,
    Summary: From Stiletto Heels: In a small provincial town filled with a spirit of preservation for a traditional performance art called, "Owara," arrives Hotaruko, a transfer student from Tokyo. When a local boy named Hikaru catches her in an awkward stance in - what was supposed to be - an empty classroom, they form a strange bond. What's more, their bond makes way for an unexpected development...?!
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Gokukoku No Brynhildr  

    Update Date: 3 Hours Ago
    Other Title: 极黑的布伦希尔特; 極黒のブリュンヒルデ; Kiwaguro no Brunehilde
    Author: okamoto lynn
    Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Mystery , Romance , Sci-fi , Seinen ,
    Summary: When he was a child, Murakami was infatuated with a girl he called Kuroneko. She insisted on knowing about aliens and having met them, but no one believed her, even young Murakami was skeptical. One day, she decides to show him the aliens, but an accident occurs and Kuroneko dies while Murakami is left seriously wounded in the hospital.
    Years go by and Murakami obsesses on finding proof of the existence of aliens because of a promise he had made with Kuroneko. Then, one day, a new transfer student comes to his class, who not only looks a lot like Kuroneko, but is named Kuroha Neko!
    And even though she insists on never having met Murakami before, the girl has superhuman strength and seems to even be able to predict the future!
    How will Murakami's life change now that he has been saved by this mysterious girl that claims to be a magician?
    Latest Chapters: Ch.111 Ch.110 Ch.109 Ch.108 Ch.107 Ch.106
  • Killing Bites  

    Update Date: 4 Hours Ago
    Other Title: キリングバイツ;
    Author: Murata Shinya,Sumita Kazuasa
    Genres: Action , Seinen ,
    Summary: People have been created that are human-animal hybrids, and powerful businesses bet on the outcome of their duels. College student Nomoto Yuuya’s casual acquaintances ask him to drive them around to pick up girls one day, which he soon finds out means by force. The girl they kidnap is an animal-human hybrid named Hitomi, who slaughters all of them except Yuuya. Hitomi is a honey badger, which has been called the most fearless of all animals. Now Hitomi is assigned to stay with Yuuya, for his protection!

    Killing Bites are underworld duels between human-animal hybrids.
    One beast who knows no fear will fight in this animalistic world full of fear and insanity.

    This ultimate battle of the beasts will shock you to your core!
    Latest Chapters: Ch.7 Ch.6 Ch.5 Ch.1 Ch.4 Ch.3
  • Kurenai Ouji  

    Update Date: 4 Hours Ago
    Other Title: Crimson Heart Prince, Crimson Prince, Koushin Ouji, Kurenai Kokoro Ouji, Kurena Ouji, Kurenai Kokoro Ouji, Kurenai Shin Ouji
    Author: kuwahara souta
    Genres: Fantasy , Romance , School Life , Shoujo ,
    Summary: Is their meeting a coincidence? Is their love inevitable?
    Sakura Koujirou is a demon prince who descends to the human world in order to take human souls. But after a strange turn of events, he somehow ends up living with a human girl, Hana... This is a story of young love, sweet and touching.
  • Freezing  

    Update Date: 4 Hours Ago
    Other Title: Freezing
    Author: Im
    Genres: Action , Drama , Ecchi , Romance ,
    Summary: One day the earth was invaded by extra-dimensional beings known as The Nova. Using manufactured tissue called Stigmata and branding it into their bodies, a new breed of female warriors was born. these girls possessed the ability to call forth powerful weapons and abilities that far exceeded normal humans. Taking a younger boy as a partner, the two fought as a pair of combatants. These girls are also the only power on earth that have the power to resist the Nova`s freezing effect. Mankind has come to call these girls...
  • Tonari No Seki-kun  

    Update Date: 4 Hours Ago
    Other Title: となりの関くん; 上课小动作
    Author: morishige takuma
    Genres: Seinen ,
    Summary: From MangaHelpers: The boy who sits next to Yokoi in class, Seki-kun, is always up to something at his desk. He manages to somehow play very elaborate games without attracting the teacher's attention. From dominos, to shogi, to go, to mecha models, to playing with cats and more, he always has something new to do. Yokoi often finds herself getting reluctantly interested in his games, even though they always seem to end up getting HER in trouble with the teacher! [tethysdust]
  • Betsukiss  

    Update Date: 4 Hours Ago
    Other Title: ベツキス; Another Kiss; Betsu Kiss
    Author: yurihara aki
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Yuri ,
    Summary: April is a vampire who is freeloading at Hikari's house. She needs food to sustain her body, and that is...
    Look forward to April's antics to get her way!
  • Aozora Yell  

    Update Date: 5 Hours Ago
    Other Title: Blue-Sky Yell,
    Author: kawahara kazune
    Genres: Romance , School Life , Shoujo ,
    Summary: Plot: Aozora Yell centers on Tsubasa, a girl who saw an inspirational brass band performance at the finals of the Japanese high school baseball championships one summer. Tsubasa vows to join the band when she enters high school, and she happens to meet a certain boy there.
  • Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji  

    Update Date: 5 Hours Ago
    Other Title: オオカミ少女と黒王子; 狼少女与黑王子; Wolf Girl & Black Prince; Wolf Girl and Black Prince
    Author: hatta ayuko
    Genres: Comedy , Romance , School Life , Shoujo ,
    Summary: From Anime-tion Scanlation
    Erika lied to her friends about having a boyfriend by showing a picture of an anonymous guy who turned out to be a a schoolmate of hers and was shortly recognized by her friends. Their conversations then was overheard by the guy, Sata Kyouya. Erika went to explain and proposed her idea of faking as lovers. However, Sata who gave off the nice-charming feelings guy turns out to be a black prince and used her reasons to blackmail her instead.
  • Aozora Kirai no Usotsuki Semiko  

    Update Date: 5 Hours Ago
    Other Title: 青空嫌いの嘘つきセミ子; The Lying Cicada who Hated the Blue Sky;
    Author: Karate,Wannyanpuu
    Genres: Comedy , Romance , Shoujo ,
    Summary: This is a manga based on the fourth chapter of Karate's novel, The Story of a Macaron-Loving Girl who Lived a Thousand Years Somehow.

    It all started when a little girl claiming to be from the Cicada Kingdom appeared on his doorstep...

    This story is a little bit warm,
    and a little bit painful.
    But most of all,
    it is a wonderful story.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.5 Ch.4 Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • P to JK  

    Update Date: 5 Hours Ago
    Other Title: PとJK; Police & Joshi Kousei; Policeman and High School Girl;
    Author: MIYOSHI Maki
    Genres: Romance , Shoujo ,
    Summary: Female high-schooler Kako met Kota at a party for adults. Although she gets into a good mood with him, she finds out he's actually a policeman.When Kota realizes Kako is only in high school, he changed his attitude drastically and starts rejecting any possible romance between them...
  • Collapse Of The World As We Know It Manhua  

    Update Date: 6 Hours Ago
    Other Title: 日渐崩坏的世界
    Author: dashu jiang
    Genres: Adult , Horror , Psychological , Tragedy ,
    Summary: This manhua is a collection of short stories by this author. It is similar to the english Brother's Grimm however these hold no moral's but are more of just a twisted outlook on life.
  • Rain  

    Update Date: 8 Hours Ago
    Other Title: Rein; Rein (SUMIKAWA Megumi); Rain (SUMIKAWA Megumi)
    Author: YOSHINO Takumi
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Shounen ,
    Summary: The continent Murgenia, where they master swordsmanship and magic:

    The small country Sunkwoll is in a tight spot because it's under attack of the great country Zarmine. But the general, Rain, who's reputed to be an exceptionally gifted swordsman, is against the war and won't enter the battle. But how is one supposed to wage a war like this anyway?

    Based on the light novel series with the same name.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.44 Ch.43 Ch.42 Ch.41 Ch.40 Vol.7 Ch.39(end)
  • Diamond no Ace  

    Update Date: 8 Hours Ago
    Other Title: Diamond no Ace, Daiya no Ace, Ace of the Diamond
    Author: terajima yuuji
    Genres: Comedy , School Life , Shounen , Sports ,
    Summary: It is a manga of high school baseball. The main character, who is a pitcher from a country high school, accidentally gets teamed up with a catcher from a school with an elite baseball team. He decides to quit his school to attend the school that this catcher plays.....

    (summary by Hooligan at Jcafe)

    Winner of the 53rd Annual Shogakukan Manga award (2008) 
  • Love X Rob X Stockholm  

    Update Date: 12 Hours Ago
    Other Title: ラブ×ロブ×ストックホルム; Love Rob Stockholm; Love x Lob x Stockholm; LovexLobxStockholm
    Author: Haruse Hiroki
    Genres: Action , Comedy , Romance , Shounen ,
    Summary: Sayama Junichirou is an ordinary student who wishes for some action in his life. Then when he comes home one day, he becomes the hostage of a famous bank robber, Kazuha.
  • Tokyo Ghoul  hot

    Update Date: 12 Hours Ago
    Other Title: Tokyo Kushu,Tokyo Kusyu,Toukyou Kushu,Toukyou Kushu (Ghoul),
    Author: ISHIDA Sui
    Genres: Horror , Mystery , Psychological , Seinen , Supernatural ,
  • Studio Salty  

    Update Date: 13 Hours Ago
    Other Title: 스튜디오 짭쪼롬;
    Author: Omyo
    Genres: Shoujo ,
    Summary: View the delightful everyday life of a sitcom consiting of NEET, college applicants, couch potatoes, and a Korean who acts like a foreigner.

    Original webcomic: http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/list.nhn?titleId=597480&weekday=fri
    Latest Chapters: Ch.9 Ch.8 Ch.7 Ch.6 Ch.5 Ch.4
  • Real Clothes  

    Update Date: 13 Hours Ago
    Other Title: リアルクローズ
    Author: makimura satoru
    Genres: Drama , Josei , Romance , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: Kinue is a saleswoman in the futon section of a department store. Despite her plain clothes and poor makeup, she ends up being transferred to the women's clothing department, where she has to be trained by her extraordinarily fashionable boss. Needless to say, a makeover is in order.
  • Cafe Detective Club  

    Update Date: 13 Hours Ago
    Other Title: かへたんていぶ; 咖菲侦探部; Café Detective Club; Cahe Detective Club; Kahe Tantei Bu
    Author: fujishiro takeshi
    Genres: Comedy , School Life ,
    Summary: Plot: Emina wants to start a detective club at her school, but there's one hitch in her plan. There is only one clubroom available, so she and four other students who want to start new clubs must compete for the space! Whoever can gather 5 club members will be allowed to found their chosen club. But with Emina's love of logic and problem-solving, will she be able to find a more creative solution?
  • How I Became a Pokémon Card  new

    Update Date: 14 Hours Ago
    Other Title:
    Author: HIMENO Kagemaru
    Genres: Adventure , Fantasy ,
    Summary: How I Became a Pokémon Card is a manga created by Kagemaru Himeno, who is also an artist for the TCG. While the manga includes some reoccurring characters, each chapter is mainly a standalone story featuring one Pokémon, such as Dratini or Jolteon. At some point within each story an image of an actual Pokémon card is shown, the stories expand on the image that appears on the card and tells about what the Pokémon is doing in the picture or how it got there.
  • Mob Psycho 100  

    Update Date: 14 Hours Ago
    Other Title: One Hundred Mob Psycho; OneHundred MobPsycho;
    Author: ONE
    Genres: Action , Comedy , School Life , Shounen ,
    Summary: Kageyama Shigeo (a.k.a. "Mob") is a 8th grader with psychic abilities. He could bend spoons and lift objects with his mind from a young age, but he slowly began to withhold from using his abilities in public due to the negative attention he kept receiving. Now, the only thing he wants is to become friends with a girl in his class, Tsubomi. With his psychic "mentor" (who has no psychic powers), he continues his daily life, attempting to realize his purpose in life.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.65.2 Ch.65.1 Ch.64.2 Ch.64.1 Ch.63.3 Ch.63.2
  • Uchuu Kyoudai  

    Update Date: 16 Hours Ago
    Other Title: 宇宙兄弟; Space Brothers; Uchū Kyōdai; Uchu Kyodai
    Author: koyama chuuya
    Genres: Comedy , Drama , Sci-fi , Seinen , Slice Of Life ,
    Summary: One night in 2006, when they were young, the two brothers Mutta (born 1993) and Hibito (born 1996) saw what appeared to be a UFO heading for the moon. They decided that night to both become astronauts and travel out into space.
    In 2025, Hibito has become an astronaut, and he's going to go to the moon. Mutta ended up following a more traditional career path with an auto development company. However, Mutta just ruined his career through a violent altercation with his boss. Now, not only has he lost his job, he appears to be blacklisted in the entire industry. Maybe this is a rare opportunity for Mutta to once again chase his childhood dream and become an astronaut like his little brother!
    Nominated for the 2nd and 3rd Manga Taisho Award and won the 56th Shogakukan Manga Award and 35th Kodansha Manga Award in the General Category.
  • Bokura Wa Sore O Hitei Dekinai  

    Update Date: 16 Hours Ago
    Other Title: 僕らはそれを否定できない; 那些我们无法否定的事; Bokura wa Sore o Hiteidekinai; Bokura wa Sore wo Hitei Dekinai; Bokura wa Sore wo Hiteidekinai
    Author: kyuugou
    Genres: Drama , Romance , School Life , Yaoi ,
    Summary: The story of two childhood friends - growing up and growing apart.
  • Be-Bop High School  

    Update Date: 17 Hours Ago
    Other Title: Be Bop Highschool; Be-Bop-Highschool;
    Author: KIUCHI Kazuhiro
    Genres: Comedy , School Life , Seinen ,
    Summary: The story revolves around the lives of two rough-and-tumble high school friends Kato Hiroshi and Nakama Toru, who seemed to make a habit of getting into trouble and starting up fights. In keeping with the spirit of the manga, Toru and Hiroshi sport slicked back 50's style perms and adopted exaggerated swaggers that made them comical and yet also oddly cool. The drama also features an assortment of outlandish characters who sport even weirder fashions and hairdos. To describe the action in this drama, think Fight Club meets The Breakfast Club.
  • World Customize Creator  

    Update Date: 17 Hours Ago
    Other Title: None
    Author: Hero Tennki,HIJIKATA Yuu
    Genres: Fantasy , Shounen ,
    Summary: Sinopsis: Tagami Yusuke is led by a voice of mystery and was summoned to another world "Caltsio". Fate given to him was a young man of just a game lover, to become of this world "false god of evil" in the this world Yusuke obtained that can create and customize everything [Customize Creation]

    obs: this a rough translation of the sinopse
    web-raws: http://www.alphapolis.co.jp/manga/viewOpening/842000050/
    Latest Chapters: Ch.9 Ch.8 Ch.7 Ch.6 Ch.5 Ch.4
  • Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki  new

    Update Date: 17 Hours Ago
    Other Title: 富士山さんは思春期; Fujiyamasan wa Shishunki; La adolescencia de Fujiyama;
    Author: OJIRO Makoto
    Genres: Comedy , Ecchi , Romance , Seinen ,
    Summary: Fujiyama-san is 181 cm (Approx. 5' 11'') and she is the ace player for her school's volleyball team. Kanba-kun is 160 cm (Approx. 5' 3") and has known Fujiyama since their preschool years. With his prankster friends, Kanba peaks into the girl's locker room right when Fujiyama is undressing. From then on, he could not get the image of Fujiyama out of his mind, so he decides to ask her out. She says yes. Enjoy their naive and secretive relationship as Kanba ogles his tall girlfriend in many different situations.
  • Hinamatsuri  

    Update Date: 19 Hours Ago
    Other Title: ヒナまつり 黑社会的超能力女儿 Hina Festival
    Author: Ohtake Masao
    Genres: Comedy , Fantasy , Seinen , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: From MangaHelpers:One night, a strange object falls on the head of Nitta, a member of the yakuza. Inside the box is a strange young girl named Hina. She has tremendous supernatural powers, and Nitta finds himself reluctantly taking her in. Her powers can come in handy for his yakuza business, but he also runs the risk of her using them on him! Not to mention, if she doesn't use her powers, she will eventually go berserk and destroy everything around her. Nitta and Hina's strange life together is just beginning...
  • Kare No Tokubetsu Na Kare  hot

    Update Date: 19 Hours Ago
    Other Title: 他的特别男友; 彼の特別な彼; His Special Boyfriend
    Author: narusaka rin
    Genres: Comedy , School Life , Yaoi ,
    Summary: Despite being good looking, all Hiraoka Tatsuya ever wanted was to lead a peaceful and ordinary life. However his life turns upside down with the addition of a new student, Suruga Daichi, a famous actor. As the Student Council President, he is assigned to looked after him. What will happen to him now...?
  • The Breaker: New Waves  

    Update Date: 21 Hours Ago
    Other Title: The Breaker NW,The Breaker: Part 2,
    Author: JEON Geuk-jin (Story)
    Genres: Action , Comedy , Drama , Martial Arts , Romance , School Life , Shounen ,
    Summary: Continuation of The Breaker with new allies and enemies.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.169 Ch.168 Ch.167 Ch.166 Ch.165 Ch.164
  • Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou  

    Update Date: 21 Hours Ago
    Other Title: モンスター娘のいる日常; 魔物娘的(相伴)日常; Daily Life with a Monster Girl; Monster Girl no Iru Nichijou
    Author: inui takemaru
    Genres: Ecchi , Harem , Mature , Romance , Seinen ,
    Summary: Three years ago, the world came to know of the existence of humanoid beast creatures after the government decided to stop hiding their existence from the world. It was decided that they would be integrated into human society, and thus the "Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill" was created. Since then, the cultural exchange program became a huge success helping many species integrate into human society.Kurusu Kimihito is a volunteer (?) in this exchange program who has been given a Lamia (Snake Girl) named Miia to take care of. After spending some time together, Miia has fallen in love with Kurusu, which isn't a bad thing per-say. However, there is a stipulation in the exchange program that prohibits interbreeding between humans and beast creatures. Violating this law results in a severe punishment for the human. Will Kurusu be able to resist Miia's advances and keep himself out of trouble? 
    Latest Chapters: Ch.26 Ch.25 Ch.24 Ch.23 Ch.22 Ch.21
  • Fairy Tail  hot

    Update Date: 21 Hours Ago
    Other Title: Fairy Tail
    Author: Mashima
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Ecchi , Fantasy , Shounen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: Lucy is a 17-year-old girl, who wants to be a full-fledged mage. One day when visiting Harujion Town, she meets Natsu, a young man who gets sick easily by any type of transportation. But Natsu isnt just any ordinary kid, he's a member of one of the world's most infamous mage guilds: Fairy Tail. (Source: KEFI)
  • Nina My Love  

    Update Date: 21 Hours Ago
    Other Title: Itoshi no Nina, My Lovely Nina
    Author: IKUEMI Ryou
    Genres: Josei , Romance , School Life ,
    Summary: From Stiletto Heels:

    One afternoon, Atsushi's best friend from childhood, Masa, informs him, "I kidnapped Niina Aota." Niina, whose popular nickname is "Nina", is the girl Masa fell in love with at first sight on the train attending school. Atsushi found it unexpected and hard to believe, until he heads over to Masa's apartment and discovers that Nina has really been kidnapped....
    Latest Chapters: Vol.2 Ch.9 Ch.8 Ch.7 Ch.6 Ch.5(end) Ch.4
Total: 19044