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59312 Questions

  1. Anonymous 1 December 20, 2014 1:02 am

    Hey, I'm looking for two yaoi manga's, please help me find them :)

    1) Its about a man that becomes a host and when he is sent to someone house, it ends up being a business man that's loves cats.

    2)After a boss and his employee have sex, so that he doesn't get his clothes dirty, the boss tapes his butt@*^l so no c£m leaks out.

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  2. kaths December 19, 2014 9:51 pm

    And preferably almost the same height... Thanks! <3

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  3. Mirage December 19, 2014 8:17 pm

    It's been a while after my busy day in school, so I got my stress meter builded up so I'm thinking of reading some manga now...
    Unexpetedly even though I read some manga that I wanna read, I didn't feel fun in reading it (unlike usual, I got squealing just watching some manga), now I feel like an old lady in some nursing care, I wonder why T.T?

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    • Anonymous December 19, 2014 8:55 pm

      maybe you should rest instead of reading some manga, you can read some manga later when you're good

    • Mirage December 19, 2014 9:00 pm

      Okay, maybe after some rest I don't feel sluggish like now XD
      thanks Anonymous XD

    • Anonymous December 19, 2014 10:22 pm

      This often happens to me! In such cases I like to read cute and light reading manga, like the works from Ogura Muku.

  4. Anonymous December 19, 2014 7:44 pm

    any manga like this High School ☆ Lullaby...
    and any thing like kawai akuma....
    seme doesn't look seme look like an uke and is very evil

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  5. key05 December 19, 2014 7:34 pm

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone remembered either a yaoi or shounen ai about a guy who works in a company who is trying to get exclusive rights to this alcohol (beer? sake?) from this old man who makes it. He has a grand daughter and the a grandson (who is the love interest and seme). It's currently unfinished I think. Thanks!

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  6. Suzume December 19, 2014 6:33 pm

    Anyone knows yaois ith girly semes? Be it physical (girly/feminine appearance: cross dressing or beautiful face (in a feminine way), slender, petite body, etc.), psychical (woman by heart, girly fondness of things, etc.) or both. Thank you very much ^-^~

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  7. R December 19, 2014 6:24 pm

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a manga where the couple is in college, and seme thinks the uke is a girl at first, then later sees him eating curry and I think he tries to recruit him into a curry club?

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  8. heyheyhey December 19, 2014 6:12 pm

    hey guys, i just finished reading Royal Prince and i'm craving for more manga like that. o><o
    any manga similar to that??? THANK YOU!!

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  9. Zhyp December 19, 2014 5:37 pm

    Guys what's the title of this manga. The seme hates the uke at first because he thought that the uke is the reason why he had a miserable life because he is related to the person who killed his parent. He decided to make the uke suffer and get revenge? But one thing he doesnt know is that the uke is an adoptive child and it turns out that he is the real son of the person he thinks who killed his parent. Something like that. Sorry for the very short explanation. Thanks!

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  10. Guest December 19, 2014 5:36 pm

    Hey everyone I'm looking for the name of a manga I read about a popular guy who I believe is a model he fall ok love with a guy who a otaku and dresses up as his favorite manga character I believe it's a knight they end up togheter and go to a anime convention as elf and the knight
    Thank you

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  11. Gemini
    December 19, 2014 5:03 pm

    Any yaoi that have a story about womanizer fell in love with manizer ?
    thx beforehand

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  12. cleo
    December 19, 2014 4:32 pm

    If I told you "sexiest shounen guy" you think of...?

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    • Mirage December 19, 2014 5:29 pm

      umm, do you mean as shonen guy as the genre shounen itself?
      honestly I have lotsa list of them, maybe my example was Gareki from Karneval XD

    • nobody December 19, 2014 11:43 pm

      oh well I think it's Karoku from Karneval *_* he's my favorite lately
      even tho he's just standing or sleeping he looks sexy as fuuuuuuck

  13. littlemisslazzy December 19, 2014 2:56 pm

    can you recommand me yoai manga that's about christmas or new year or manga that has a scene like this in it?
    thanks in advance

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  14. Aarshia December 19, 2014 2:49 pm

    Hi guys can anyone tell me about a manga of a guy and baby like I don't know I just saw a manga on a stand but cant get the name as it was in jaapanese so please help me guys

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  15. Mirage December 19, 2014 1:14 pm

    Long time no see guys, I've just got some free time now after my busy day in school XD
    Oh, I wanna read some yaoi now, could you guys gimme some yaoi manga list that MC was a seme, and then people would see him as cool guy, but actually the seme is not as cool as people think,,,
    please help me finding the mangas and thank you so much in advance XDD

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  16. Sakuya
    December 19, 2014 12:50 pm

    Help help meeee can someone help me find the name of a yaoi I read recently? It was about a student who lives with his teacher who's now is his guardian cuz his dad died and was the guardians teacher when he was a delinquent and the guardian fell in love with the guys dad and wrote the dudes dad a love letter that the dude finds in his dad's closet. The teacher aka former delinquent would bang anyone even the guy teachers and the guys dad/teacher beats up the other teachers and tells h to save himself until he finds someone who loves him.Anyhow the student and the teacher get together !!!

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  17. neko_inigiri December 19, 2014 12:13 pm

    Can anyone give me any yaoi manga with very cruel seme especially to uke. Cold hearted seme that makes your heart ache

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  • I Scream Irony : Tear Drop? More like Tear Jerker. Ugh all of those stories had sweetness to them! Especially the first story! I want to know what Eijirou forgot though. Loved it!
  • snowy : You're not alone. I liked him all right in the recent dj but I can't stomach him in this.
  • ayis : May and are perehas ten pala
  • Akira : This is killing me slowly~! Ughh~!!! Shirotani-kun was so freakin; sexy~!! OMG~!!!! Devour him already~!!!
  • anonymous : I hope that it is raita and ogata....but the story is misleading......please update....!!!!!!!!!!!......I'm looking forward as the story unfolds between ogata and raita....what is the childhood memories of ogata why he is like that.?..and how did raita have become interested to ogata?...perhaps maybe because they both like tea or what?.....please update as soon as possible.....
  • No, no, no : You're looking at it too much from your own cultural angle... try to remember this is happening far, far away and a long, long time ago! And written by somebody from an other cultural realm than ours, on top of that!
  • Dee Dee : Yeah, I'm wondering why I'm the only one who has a problem with Ken cheating on June and not addressing that issue at all, or feeling any remorse or even confessing and apologizing to June... Really?!

    Other than that, I loved most of the stories.
  • +bird+ : Damn, this manga is out of control. I love it! It would be great to see Kurose-kun lose it once, but I guess that's not his style, heehee.
  • Anonymous : Yes u are... AND SO AM I
  • Seke : finally missing chapters :D! hopefully more will start showing up
  • Anonymous : Haha what's up with that...their back to be a zombies. .:-(
  • Evilcleo : He definitely acted out but he got used to sex and was too hurt to get into a relationship, so how else was he supposed to get it if not by one night stands?
  • blue_asami : i dont know why but there not doing heavy h stuff but dang its too sexy and its killing me, reading the latest chapter i think my heart stop while reading the chapter,, ohhhh my cant wait to the next chapter,,,!!>**<
  • Anonymous : just in this case im glad that this manga is shonen ai i dont want to see iris being raped and torture
  • Manga Devourer : If it helps the seme does forever suffer in away because the uke has a brother complex and the seme can never be as good as him. Lollol so funny
  • Manga Devourer : He wasn't trying to get raped. He was pissed and felt betrayed by the bet and was going to sleep with someone else but the guy who picked him up tricked him and really were going to force him to do a gay porno. No rape occurs though. There is also another story in there about the older brother.
  • I Scream Irony : Oh no, see, Haruki is going to make daddy (Ryou) his.. Forever. XD
  • fufufuchan : I stopped reading at 1b... This is an unpopular opinion, Im sure, but hopefully would be respected? :) I didnt like the uke. Well, in the beginning i did like him, but then when he started to be needy of the seme, to the extent of letting other guys rape him, and considering the fact that the seme made a bet out of him... Jeez, thats just stupid. This is seriously the types of uke i dont like. Its okay to be needy if your partner is not giving you proper attention or something like that but if he cheats on you or whatever, then have some dignity and teach the guy lesson! Maybe if he tried to move on and like, dated other guys (NOT MAKE OTHER GUYS RAPE YOU). Maybe the seme would become extremely jealous and all that shit. Damn, i would so love to see the seme suffer more. Lol. Sorry for sounding so butthurt. And uh, i dont intend to turn anyone against this manga. Read it if youre into this sort of thing. :)
  • zzzz : Thank you very much for the raws. even though I don't understand anything, I kind of can get what is going on.
  • Sakura : Gosh this is killing me sllooowwllyyy hah hah can't take it anymore....
  • Anni : Jesus Christ, that was so hot...
    My heart felt like it stopped beating.
  • ember76 : Am I the only one who wants the president to get his ass kicked already? I can't stand him.
  • Charlotte : Kurose: "Can you...pass your cold to me?"

    Me: YES! Please take my cold! Omg this is bad for my heart...
  • blyaoi : This art amazing story good too
  • lolkika : Never mind all that... Is kuroshitsuji updating today???
    I saw a brief preview, I can't help but wanting to read it ASAP!!!
  • Nori Hayashi : U just made me feel so much better. B4 I felt uncomfortable about the father son thing.THANK UUUUU ^-^
  • Anonymous : Why just why is sasuke going to rape naruto again plz no you breaking my heart!!!!!
  • EGGS : you know nothing
  • Anonymous : The artist draws profiles really weird, but I still love her art<3
  • Kawaii : Takaaki is a shithead, don't bother others!
  • TRIN : OMG Shirotani-san was a hidden slut!!! Opening his mouth like that >\< SO SEXY.
    Fangirling mode again.

    I am so looking forward for the next chapter.
  • lalalulu : I read on tumblr someone was doing ch.13 but something came up and she couldn't finish it. She said she will complete it or she can send it half done if someone wants. I think we might get ch13 in eng :))) but not sure about ch 14. It will be difficult to get eng chapters from now on since it got licensed :( sorry for my eng
  • Ryuakilover : Yeah poor Shirotani ;~; why Kurose don't understand that for him something like that is his first of course he still a bit scared but to tease Shirotani that far is the most sadistic evahhhh
  • Marie200 : Yeah, in my opinion, Kurose-kun is the cruel one right now... How could he leave a horny Shirotani-san, just like that?!
  • Lizebett-the-Ace : Yes (I feel so ashamed of my japanese right now 0///0)
  • I Scream Irony : I want to read more of Shouta's and Kou's story. I really love those two!
  • Caitrona : So, I'm not alone in laptop troubles. Oh what a relief. Hey, I asked a favorite author of mine and here are her suggestions and expriences with laptops. http://justzoni.tumblr.com/ (You'll have to scroll down one), I also found this to help me think of what I'm looking for in a new laptop: http://nathanhinkle.com/blog/2014/which-laptop-should-i-buy-for-college/

    I hope both our laptop troubles resolve soon. I like the looks of Lenovo, but both my mother, sister, friend agree on Toshiba.
  • xxx : Aww bless u talking to urself
  • Ryuakilover : Agree ___ I thought he will attack him but.....!!"

    Seriously why he didn't attack xD instead called him cruel ___
  • Carol : An update!!!! Yay o(>o<)o
  • Vega : I was really hoping for something this time!!! Kurose!!!! Just attack Shirotani already!!!
    Shirotani is scared but he is practically oozing sex hormones!!! x____x
  • Anon : OH MY GARRY!
    I always have Koisuru Boukun on the first place but after reading the latest chapter, I can't help but totally fall in love with this couple. I'm sorry for the comparison but Maya is more considerate than Morinaga. Started off on a rocky start but gradually melts into a passionate love. And Maya even make up for that! This series is truly amazing. And the way Nemunemu changed his perspective on studying. There is a lot of squealing going on whenever I read this series.
  • lovemanga : Wow I'm surprised that this is still ongoing, although I'd stopped halve of the chapter. This must me a really good manhwa.
  • Asami : Happy Birthday Yamane Sensei, WE LOVE YOU :D
  • animana : me too.
  • FujoshiFox : About the mole, I wonder how on EARTH was her sister even able to see it? It was like hidden between his balls and his inner leg... WHERE HAS SHE BEEN LOOKING????
  • Trakendau : Can we say it's soft s&m or maybe vanilla? It's still embarrassment play XD
    sexy sexy Idesperatelyneedtoseemore embarrassment play
  • SamuraiSx : waaaaaaaa don't stop here!!! MOREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally love this pairing more than 1st <3 so enticing romantic hard and beautiful and painful and deep and wwww <3 grrr hate Rei for realising his love for SHougo so late T_T and SHougooooo wwwwwwww <3
    can't wait to hear their story in manga version <33333 no Izumi will know too xD
  • animana : Kiku and Shibata were my favorite too.
  • kyaaa : omg thank youuuuuu for the updates i love this manga
  • Ezkiela : i believe you mean yandere XD
  • Rosa : Just started reading. It's EPIC!!!!
  • nobody : Lol I don't know why but I think this is just the sexiest manga evaaaaaaaa *cries* even though it's not something like S or M //Shirotani is just so fucking sexy that I just want Kurose to fuck him right away okay?!// AND THAT UPDATE WOOOHOOOO :Q____ *drolls* I WANT MOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR. Just fucking get together you two *cries in a corner*
  • yaoi.addiction : Very well done!ilove it :D
  • SamuraiSx : uww finally new chapter x3 nicee niceee!! I so wait to see next what'll be with Ryoma... *.......*
  • Ribura : Rejection from a tentacle monster. Harsh.
  • Kynou : Jesus!!
    go and fuck him
  • Anonymous : ;-; I need maor or I Don think I can survive. Eeegh
  • NaNa : Go to Mangachapter if you want to see Takara meet Kiyomine grandfather (chapter 71)
  • NaNa : http://www.mangachapter.me/1445/komatta-toki-ni-wa-hoshi-ni-kike/71.html

    here a chapter Takara meet Kiyomine grandfather.
  • Kawaii : Lolololololololololololololololol, stop writing it so much while you're chatting x3
  • NaNa : yes, he never did.
  • bruh : yeah he fucked all of them
  • carbo21 : I'm betting half brothers and that obnoxious old man who put him down earlier is his father.
  • Gem-chan : I love Motoharu, when he cried, when Kouta was confused, I cried to. He loves him soo much. Love this manga. Motoharu (Maki-San)
  • Anonymous : well that was a waste of my time -.-
  • I agree!! : SAME!
  • Anonymous : I agree
  • First 10 on hulu : The first ten episodes are on hulu. No subscription needed sub only.