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  1. Nikky
    July 31, 2014 2:32 pm

    I just read her topic, she write a looooooooooooooot! and I love what her write. share to you guys: http://www.mangago.com/home/mangatopic/616596/

  2. StrawberryCake<3 July 31, 2014 3:24 pm

    Does anyone know yaois where the seme is a masochist and the uke a sadist??

  3. Questionare July 31, 2014 3:21 pm

    Hi there, does anyone know a manga where a male mc sells his body? Like in to anyone, not just one certain person. Similar to Hai to Diamond and Michiru Heya

  4. Katty July 31, 2014 3:18 pm

    I'm not too happy with this new layout. I liked the previous one more, even if it was slightly messy. The new look is nice and all, and neater, but the comment thing is what is bugging me. I liked the way the comment system was before, the Mangago comments on the side, while Facebook was underneath the list of chapters. I don't like it in reverse, and I don't like looking at it like a forum. But at least the site is neater, just fix the damn comments back to normal.

  5. guess who July 31, 2014 3:01 pm

    i just realized that mangago changed its appearance lol! was too busy reading i guess... -v-'

  6. meEe.. July 31, 2014 3:01 pm

    in trying to sign up here but it keep saying to check my email for the last step instruction but when i check my mail i didnt receive anything to verify my accnt .. i dont know why or what happen .. i keep checking my email every hour to see if theres any changes I also sign up again using another email but it was just the same.. help me pls.. why it was like this ..??

  7. Anonymous July 31, 2014 2:58 pm


  8. Zeen
    July 31, 2014 2:51 pm

    i am so glad that we have a bookmark option here...

  9. I have to say this July 31, 2014 2:50 pm

    please.. about the new version of this web site: DON'T PUT THE BACKGROUND DARK GREY!!! i CAN'T READ ANYTHING!!!! ANYTHING IS FINE, BUT DARK GREY NOOOO!!!! or at least let us write in white... I don't know.. thanks...

  10. anonymous~ July 31, 2014 2:48 pm

    somehow this is beautiful but it feels strange :))

  11. Mrs. Grey July 31, 2014 2:43 pm

    Love the new look on here.

  12. + . +
    July 31, 2014 2:35 pm

    next year, since i am an exchange student, i can't go to "porn sites". actually i don't go to any (myreadingmanga?? ok maybe that one ;) )but i was wondering if this could be considered one :)

    i mean, using this with a proxy or something similar it will be a pain in the ass.. it will be too slow..

    ok, i won't go on myreadingmanga but is this site ok?? what do you think about it??

    (btw, about the layout i think is good but i don't like the fact that you can't see the answers)

  13. fujoshi-chan
    July 31, 2014 2:35 pm

    ahh~ i just wish the bg colour was different cause it's pretty hard to read the comments on individual mangas > <

  14. GoldenDiamond
    July 31, 2014 2:23 pm

    Hi guys i have just signed up just wondering if its completely free, i looked over terms and conditions and found nothing?
    I have been adding read and reading manga to my account will it be kept there and is it free?

    Thank you

  15. ikki July 31, 2014 2:20 pm

    Wooww the new look is so good. It's not christmas tree anymoreeee! LOL

  16. New
    July 31, 2014 2:15 pm

    does anybody here read mm romance novels and if you do can you please give me names. Please and Thank you

  17. thinandra July 31, 2014 2:15 pm

    it's beautiful new look,
    at first I thought my screen is in the bucket ...

  18. Cold G July 31, 2014 2:09 pm

    I love the new esthetic of the site but I do whish that the comments were easier to post like before. That's the only change I didn't like.


  • fujoshi-chan : you're not the only one. . . :D
  • Charlie : It´s actually more shounen ai then yaoi. But you should definitely continue! I really enjoyed the romance and there are kiss scenes.
  • reponce : did u try the new version of mangago? do u love it?
  • pink popsicle : ahahaha!! stupidly cute!! misono's crying face is too cuuuute~!
  • aj : Kyaaa!! I was sooo waiting for the update finally! (is what I'd like to say) but too sshort!! Looking forward for the next chapter!! Please update more chapters!!
  • Katty : @Yaos: That's a relief, however that doesn't mean mangago won't be on it in the future. Oh nice, I also read Viewfinder.
  • Katty : @??: The theory in itself is ridiculous because it has been established that Ciel is an only child. If you read the replies, mine, Marry, and MissKitty, you'd know that the theory is dead.
  • pink popsicle : thanks for the link!
  • zzzz : i totally agree with you @MOI?
  • nyasu : nice, thanks. i was planning to re-read all of them but then i got confused bout which comes first. XD
  • AA : since its wayy long to finish it....and i dont want to waste my time reading manga that at the end it'll will upset me anyway....sooo do give opinion
  • Anonymous : i officially hate this manga!break my heart how everybodu treat the uke specilally the seme sucj a jerk
  • AA : sooo is there any kiss or sex scene since it is yaoi........anyone do tell me..because im just start reading and in half way now...sooo should i continue read this manga as a fan of yaoi...
  • loveless : nooo TT_TT we will miss your work RIP
  • JUnna : WOW..I was wondering who is behind this caste system. I realize that as the story progresses, Itz becoming more intense to the point i m scared to read the next chapter!
  • MOI? : @Sugarpie, aww... i'm going to miss you :(
  • Love looms : I loved it soooooooooooooooooooo much.
  • MOI? : LOL could it be that what you hate is the wait for the new ch release?
  • JUnna : I'm totally agree with MOI?...karino seems to have feelings for Azusa. Anyway, Ogawa Chise's works can be twisted so not expecting any fluffy romance.
  • JUnna : Hahaha..then don't waste your time reading it!
  • sweetgirl : i wonder if harvey will have his shoulder back in the end?
  • JUnna : Yeah...I was almost in tears..felt sorry for the uke cuz he was unloved child.
  • aj : Gosh! Nanao-Chan and kuon are really the best story!! And the best **x scenes!! Gosh it'll make you go crazy!
  • Sugarpie. : Then fuck off.
  • Kusarihime : Oh.. My God..... This is fucking awesome! HE GOT ME!
    I was thinking of Kurapika of Hunter x Hunter... This game is crazy.... He can read minds....
  • Translation : Oops, ill make another post with the translation again, because im discovering all kinds of things aboutthe kanji after asking my teachers. When doumeki says ''i'm doing this to that you,'' he actually says, 'shitsure' which means, ''excuse me'' (literally, ''rude.''). I was a little off with that translation. I'll repost with the corrwctions later. Sorry guys!
  • Anonymous : Eeeeeeeeew Alaindalion in a bikini.
  • Miyanoai : *Crying tears of joy from the new update* except the confirmation email is taking forever to appear.
  • >w< : Omg !!!! I realy love this manga *-* one of my favorites :D please translate the raws too >.<
  • Cold G : Finally the cute part started. This was getting too gloomy. I can't wait for the next chapter!
  • Sugarpie. : OMG I'M SO HAPPY FOR THE NEW DESIGN! I WONT HAVE TO SEE UGLY BITCHES LIKE YOU! Already created a account name sugarpie. Oh the new accounts trolls like you wont be able to comment unless you make an account !
  • Miyanoai : Could thy maybe tell us WHICH works? Not too worried about anime b/c pretty much everything I watch is on CR, but I'm worried for the few manga titles I read, since they're popular enough to be removed.
  • VampireKnight : TakashixFujimoto & KanaexChisato!!! They should have put that cowboy outfit on somewhere in thins manga! fujiMoto was annoying like how little could you know and I thought that maybe he had a..trauma? Takashi was an ass to let those guys take Fujimoto's Money like a Forreal! Takashi got into alot of fights for Fujimoto I can tell he loved him :) And I wish that Fujimoto at least lost his memories for atleast 1 or 1 1/2 of a chapter!! I wish there was more of KanaexChisato!! I think there relationship will have some spice in it too!! But i think Kanae fooled with too many people to love Chisato the way he said he did like even thou you wanted to forget or something it's still wrong that's why you got stabbed~smirk~. And why would you sleep with his little brother I think that's bad...
  • Miyanoai : Not surprised to see mangahere on the list, but dang even youtube, kissanime and 4shared...crunchyroll better start adding more titles...
  • Anonymous : I mean really the background of the whole website and the fonts and stuff??
  • rain : I think this is just a guy h
    who made himself look like toshiro, probably this is his ability" turn into people and be able to use their abilities.." :/
  • Anonymous : Is it just me or did mangago change everything??
  • : Tabaka actually wanted asami.....WOW I LOVED IT wish felong would come back with his own one-shot but i still adore Tabaka and asami
  • yaoilv : tnk u fr translates ! love it like crazy !
  • thedevil : hi i found ch 3 english :)

  • Pinkchan : Go Wally sempai! Im routing for you
  • MOI? : yeah!! me tooo -i was like... wait a minute LOL
  • nyankat : what is with the knew guy at school
    why is he bullying my Ren?! >_<
    and Haru's bite looks painful :s
  • MOI? : @ZZZZ, it'll be Karino :)) c'mon the guy's crazy about Azusa, he's just your average douch who can't get his feelings across without being a dick LOL
  • zzzz : in your opinion, azusa will be with karino or the other guy in glasses or just alone??
  • Anonymous : This is getting really creepy. I like this story.
  • + . + : well.. the 1 story doesnt feel right. the fact that they don't struts each other makes me think that they will inevitably broke up :( also i didnt feel the love of neither of them.
  • Anonymous : Right... I've been wanting him to shine for the past 50 chapters, and each week I hope and then NOOOOO, I mean seriously killing him would be better then just leaving him like he is.
  • sweetgirl : i feel sori for yuki-chan
  • ryuta : what's the link for the raws?
  • Morcheeba : Beautiful, though his illusions about being wounded made me want to smack Kirishima
    "It's not blood, these are flowers."
    "Yeah, beautiful... you're still bleeding you idiot!"
  • ShigureXYukina : Hey guys! Anyone know when the next update would be? I can't wait or can't start reading manga after finishing this one in a span of two nights. :( Shigure is so freakin' perfect!!!
  • liliana : that was very nice
  • Anonymous : I like Seme like Kazatora. Although he's really a troll to nozomu's feelings, but I like it when it longer and in more detail how he will develop feelings for nozomu instead of instantly falling in love. It makes the manga more exciting with upcoming chapters and makes the wait worth it. I hope it had a lot of chapters to come! That'd be wonderful!
  • Aki17 : Does anyone know when the next raw is coming out?? It says oct in chapter 3 but I'm sure that the raw came out in June or July!
  • Reem : The story was interesting...but somehow I found it funny because Soomin is so funny and adorable .
  • :'( : I must be softer than you guys. I felt bad for Azusa and was happy Karino was being nicer to him by tending to his wounds and giving him a bj instead of just making Azusa do it. Hopefully he keeps it up and helps Azusa since it seems he has a lot of issues and treating him poorly wont help. I want him happy.
  • AkaKuro lover : I know what you feel
  • pewpew : Haha so cute!! I wondee if Akai would shed tears too when momota has kids!! > U<
  • curious : http://www.mangago.com/read-manga/aishuu/an/aishuu-chapter-2.html/2/

    Does anyone know if the couple is from an actual manga??
  • Shady : I feel like Azusa might end up with the ex joker. :P At least I hope so.
  • Shady : This manga really unveiled my sadistic side. I wanna see Azusa get hurt, badly. But at the same time seeing him like that makes me wanna cry. BUT IT TURNS ME ON SO MUCH. I have a problem...
  • Moshi : Even so, Fujimaki is not that stupid to kill his main character. Why is this called Kuroko no Basuke in the first place then? I'm sure Kuroko will take action in the last seconds like match with Yosen.
  • nyankat : haha hope you don't imagine to have a relationship like he does in the manga
    :p i would probably laugh every time i see him though
  • nyankat : the last chapter ended so badly
    hope Ryouma gets his memories back

    by the way has anyone watched the anime.
    it is sooo good.
    though i start laughing and more get embarrased when i watch certain scenes instead of reading them :p
  • Moshi : Ì had read q272. I'm hopeless. I bet Seirin will lose. So frustrating..
  • hersheycoco : Uhh yeah it really surprised me... was thinking okay switch... okay now.. oh wait. He's putting it in their switching. Lol I was just confused.
  • deniz : I like this manga, That includes love but later shows itself, besides ı like sensei's works too
  • Tor : No you're not. I liked it too
  • Badmooligh89 : It should be clear to everyone that the prince and the witch need to be together. Screw the Princesses their kind of rapey.
  • Nesseki : I like the old mangago more :c
  • Roaku : Knowing this author. I'd say the uke stays uke. And the uke so far is really stupid. Why in gods name would he want to be with that swine of a disgusting sadistic teacher? I don't know. But sticking the watch it "there" was not only so wrong, but damaging to the organ, the internal bleeding and weeks of suffering could never compare. So, when the uke is so non-challent, and at the end even willing to do anything for that bastard should he tell him "something"....I find the story ridiculous, even more so if the uke "planned" everything. Heck, couldn't he have planned it better? Argh. I guess I don't like it...
  • Yatsu : Azusa Yuuya
  • Anonymous : hey can someone tell.me where the anime left off ? i wanna read from that point thanks !"
  • Kiyoko : IKR!!!! only few shoujo mangas have actual good female leads -.- but well can't blame it, it IS just a shoujo manga :P
  • Anonym : Vol 11, Chap 1 I believe. Maybe the one just after though.
  • Enigma : True! I really like his character way to much. He could be paired to either the other body guard or Kiichi.

    Another thing, he looks like Belphegor (KHR), but seems like Collonello (KHR) when he speaks..
  • yara : O.O .....LOL that was crazy
  • Anonymous : B A S E D

  • Clarity : I have to login in order to read from daum but i don't understand korean....i at least need chinese scans