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  1. Anonymous September 2, 2014 1:51 am

    has anyone else's page format gotten a little funnky?

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    • Qwerty
      September 2, 2014 1:56 am

      Mine did, it was like this before when they changed the buttons for the chapters and pages. So I believe they are just changing something on the site, but I could be wrong.

  2. Seiko September 2, 2014 1:21 am

    Hello i'm searching about a manga where a guy always cheat on his boyfriend and hé also call him to pick him Up after the bar with his mistress after a while the boy leave him

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  3. no one September 2, 2014 12:59 am

    Can anyone recommend a yaoi manga that is the uke is a sadist and the seme is the masochist ? :)

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    September 1, 2014 11:44 pm

    What's a yaoi manga where a guy plays around with some men but had a one night stand with this handsome guy. After doing it, he wakes up to find the handsome man gone with money on table. He believes that the won't see each other anymore, but ends ups meeting him in a house and learns he has a fiance

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  5. Qwerty
    September 1, 2014 11:17 pm

    Can someone recommend a yaoi where the uke has black hair and may not be too keen on the idea of being a uke.

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  6. Person September 1, 2014 11:14 pm

    There was a yaoi manga I read a while back and I can't remember the title. It was about a man (uke) who played around with another man's (seme) sister. The seme kidnapped the uke and treated him like a slave, but ended up freeing the uke.

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  7. Crybaby September 1, 2014 11:01 pm

    Looking for two yaio it's a series. The first is about a boy who gets the wrong mail and winds up watching his neighbors av. Several things happen and they start dating. I believe the seme is a writer. The second is a spin off with the boy's school friend and the editor. Sorry bad describition.

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  8. Lena September 1, 2014 10:48 pm

    I'm looking for a manga where the main characters met at a drinking party while at college, and the seme had just broke up with his girlfriend, and the uke, jokingly, offers to confort him, but the seme accepts. They keep with the 'sex buddy' relationship for some years, but the uke can't keep with it cause he fell in love with the seme... It also turns out, at the end, that the seme likes him back (he even introduced himself as the uke's boyfriend to the uke's mum in order to know where he lived)
    I'm pretty sure is a two shot, but I got no idea of the name

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  9. Help! September 1, 2014 10:02 pm

    Pease help! Does anyone know the yaoi manga where a student fell for his teacher the guy confessed but the teacher didnt belived him (he was betrayed by his ex). the guy was staying overnight (was it camp? or maybe dorm?) with his friends/classmates, he than went to the teacher to confess again. The teacher didn't belive his, he got angry and rape the guy... that's all i remember(

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  10. Hello! September 1, 2014 9:30 pm

    Hey guys, I want a yaoi where the uke really suffers hahaha you know, something like being really bullied or suffer abuse or be raped... thanks :)

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  11. refresh me.... September 1, 2014 8:26 pm

    i keep forgeting the name of the story.....its about two sensei one the class teacher of 3-1 and the other 3-2...their love story and there is villan character called ibuki who later turns to be good....the name plz....!

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  12. Anonymous September 1, 2014 8:16 pm

    umm guys what would you do if you truly don`t know what`s your future is gonna be 1 day from now where it`s either gonna be destroyed or brighten up and since everyone around me is all nervous i`m the one that`s acting all cheerful and making it sooooo easy to go as not a big deal but i`m actually pretty depressed about it just what the heck should i do ?

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    • Anonymous September 1, 2014 8:23 pm

      Talk bout it with them and remember that everything will somehow workout XD trust me I works :)

    • Anonymous September 1, 2014 8:31 pm

      @anon lol i`m not that opened up to anyone it`s not in me to talk about such things even to my family , if something`s annoying me i usually keep it to myself or deal with it and then forget about it but this time i dunno why i wanted to share

    • Pau September 1, 2014 11:56 pm

      I just live life the way I want it. I try to live without regrets, though having regrets may be inevitable. It's always important to live your life to the fullest and make yourself happy. Don't get discouraged by everyone around you. YOU are what makes your life, it's your decision to waste it or to make the most of it. I follow this motto by Ghandi "live as if you were to die tomorrow. learn as if you were to live forever." Though you will never know what lies in the future, know that you are alive and well, so treasure those moments and create a path for a great future. By maintaining a good and positive attitude, hopefully some of those aspects will be smeared onto everyone around you. Also, always remember that you are never alone, you have your family to help you and maybe even friends (I don't have any IRL though lol) Hope I helped.

    • Magnolia September 2, 2014 12:52 am
      I just live life the way I want it. I try to live without regrets, though having regrets may be inevitable. It's always important to live your life to the fullest and make yourself happy. Don't get discouraged ... Pau

      Aha, Excellent philosophy and advice. I am glad that there are some people who think that way!

  13. mira September 1, 2014 8:06 pm

    hey, does anyone know any good yaoi about delinquent/bad boy/ or dangerous seme and a shy/cute/or innocent uke?

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  14. princess lala <3 September 1, 2014 7:25 pm

    Do someone know a shoujo manga what is good an it should be a long manga

    P.s thank you

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    • June September 1, 2014 7:42 pm

      Strobe Edge, Shinobi Life, Orange

    • TSBR
      September 1, 2014 7:51 pm

      Ouran High School Host Club, Gakuen Alice, The Wallflower, Perfect Girl Evolution, Skip beat, Charming Junkies, Last Game, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. I could list more but it think that's enough for now

    • TSBR
      September 1, 2014 7:53 pm
      Ouran High School Host Club, Gakuen Alice, The Wallflower, Perfect Girl Evolution, Skip beat, Charming Junkies, Last Game, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. I could list more but it think that's enough for now TSBR

      They are all also animes of you're wondering, and the wallflower and perfect girl evolution are the exact same thing. the wallflower is the anime and perfect girl evolution is the manga, I put down both by accident

    • Anonymous September 1, 2014 7:59 pm
      They are all also animes of you're wondering, and the wallflower and perfect girl evolution are the exact same thing. the wallflower is the anime and perfect girl evolution is the manga, I put down both by acci... TSBR

      Thank you

    • Risa September 1, 2014 10:39 pm

      orange marmalade (really sweet!)

  15. <3... September 1, 2014 7:21 pm

    Do someone know a shoujo manga what is good an it should be a long manga

    P.s thank you

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  16. <3 .... September 1, 2014 7:18 pm

    Do someone know a shoujo manga what is good and It should be a long manga

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  17. <3... September 1, 2014 7:15 pm

    Do someone know a shoujo, romance manga that is good ??
    it should be long pls

    p.s thank you;)

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  • LOL : the beginning is ... well ... meh ...
    but it's getting really really good with the 3rd and following chapters! :)
  • Rehena : http://old.mangago.com/read-manga/tower_of_god/mr/tower-of-god/70/21/
    More of the creepy guys scenes, move onwards to see what happens next
  • Gem-chan : Thanks
  • Usako : I was referring to the time when Nanao gave sensei a BJ, so no, Nanao wasn't drunk or asleep.
  • Anonymous : I cried
  • rhaecz_143 : yeah I agree with yah.. I hope someone with a kind heart translate it for us..haha
    im just curious whats with that aogiri guys doing in the scene..I mean is he rescuing someone?
  • Anonymous : we need more so adorable just so awww :D
  • Luly : I realy wanna C what the little brother is doing at school, and his trail of thought. .... jajajaja
  • articwolf : i say it was the sister that said "thanks" hahah kuro running away after that
  • Sapphirewoman : I like this story alot more please thanks;)
  • Judo : I really didn't see that coming, laughed so much for that, lol.
  • Sapphirewoman : I like this story alot more please thanks;)
  • Usako : I think I read somewhere, that rape isn't about the sex, it's about having power over another person.
  • Anonymous : Haha, I have 2/3 of it done... do anyone want to volunteer to typeset them?
  • Judo : Kinda dumb and boring.
  • Anonymous : loved this story was so romantic aww i hope for a sequel an of course the story of the twins hehehe to cuteee :D
  • blue_asami : yoshhhhhh want some more..wants some sequel of this story the bartender and rui story hmmmmm thats some interesting story,, sensei plssssssssssssssss more of this!!!
  • Cute : So cute the last one!
  • Mady : Oh come on!! i want to know how this is gonna end. And frankly it is funny ....
  • Rehena : http://old.mangago.com/read-manga/tower_of_god/mr/tower-of-god/56/15/
    Dude that guy is supper creepy
    Thank god none like that exist in this in this reality
  • Usako : It's one of my favs also! I adore uke's who relentlessly pursue their seme's!
  • MOI? : @HAHAHA~, well, looky here! If everybody can serve on a judge stand, why do judges have to go to school to become one, and then get paid to be one. And it's quite different if someone grabs and haul you away to an abandoned building to rape you, and someone who you know tries and plays some sh*tty mind game that didn't even happen in the end -and let's not forget that Nanao somehow instigated it, if you want to mope (that means some serious drinking ahead) drinking rule#1: if outside, you go with someone you absolutely trust, not a bastard who'll dump you on someone else's lap because they don't give two flying f*cks what happens to your sorry *ss (i love you, Nanao, but accept responsibility). Just because you are drunk doesn't mean that you are a tragic victim, if you wanna get messed up, invite someone home to mope with, or do it alone. And why are we discussing rape as if you read it in the newspaper! Geez
  • missus : raws please
  • Anonymous : IKR
  • Sapphirewoman : I like this story alot more please thanks;)
  • true! : I agree!
  • MOI? : And yes, i sure as hell wanna see the spin-off of sensei :))
  • Sapphirewoman : I like this story alot more please thanks;)
  • MOI? : LOL i don't believe in rape here. If i saw it in the local news that'd be different
  • MOI? : I don't believe in ghosts ...But for some reason i'm terrified of them (LOL)
  • Anonymous : Anyone else "fan-girling" over Arima? IDK why, i Just love him so much!
  • carbo21 : Yeah, ya gotta wonder. In my school it was easy to get caught smoking in the girls room, so you think it'd be a snap getting caught while getting it on................
  • Anonymous : Mangapark and mangatank has that option.
  • Lightasus : I mean, in Soul Eater the english anime said Chrona was a boy, and the english manga they said it was a girl. Nobody knows to this day his/her gender in the japanese version. So they just don't bother to mention that sort of thing lol.
  • Lightasus : Nah, this is for real. Why they never mentionned it is beyond me, but that's how japanese works, so I guess it was a given. You should to look on it a little, I knew this since a long time ago.
    Also, I was quoting someone lol. And we're not assuming anything by saying that he does not, it was just interesting to note, I think the more important point was Sebastian laughing cynistically and saying things like ''well, you told me not to lie, but you seem like quite the liar yourself''. Again, it is a HINT. I do not understand your last sentence though about knowing the real Ciel :/
  • Loveless : ugh the kiss scene in the chinese raws------ i died (x.x)~~~~<3 cannot wait til the rest of the chapters gets translated wish the raws were in japanese so i could read at least a fragment of it xD
  • HallHavi : Moreee!!!!!!! -turns into hulks- goes on a rampage i want more!!!!!!!
  • Ukyo : I wonder why they skip kaneki out there. . |= 3=)/
  • lolkika : For real? well I'm not fluent in Japanese so I don't know rather it's true or not but, seeing how they fall to mention this throughout the 96 chapter we have read so far it's probably because he's not worth mentioning.There no reason as for why Sebastian don't address Ciel by his name, none of the servant does. Don't assume that it's because they know the real Ciel because they were took in after the mention caught on fire.
  • Luly : Nothing like what I imagine. But better. And something refreshingly different.
  • Ninja : Its so good~
  • lemon : I skipped Akira's story tho
  • Anonymous : Then they'd have to kill all the CCG who got the ghoul parts! That would suck!
  • Anonymous : So orginally, Ciel's twin is supposed to have everything he does?
  • Anonymous : Sigh. yes, there is enough evidence to support the 2 Ciel theory, espeically with this new Anime. Light's given us enough prove, and it hasn't been disproven yet, so it's just a matter of waiting it out.
  • Anonymous : You're evidently rude when you feel sick or something of the sort, or that's the excuse you've grown fond of using.
  • jino : *on
  • Mochan : I am so sad that this manga has ended. Such nostalgic feelings <3 wanted to see more of ther story.
  • Yamiga : I don't understand why you have to be so rude.
  • VV1 : @yutzupracachia, then what should it be??? I think the the author use it correctly.
    "RACE" - is a classification system[specify] used to categorize humans into large and distinct populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation.
    TUAREG(S) - are a Berber people with a traditionally nomadic pastoralist lifestyle. They are the principal inhabitants of the Saharan interior of North Africa. :) :) :)
  • Anon : Are you serious? Viewfinder is my favourite and so hard to find it online.

    And your posts.. its already posted so I'd say just leave it.. people are bound to argue online.. people keep arguing in the viewfinder section as well as the popular series.. plus there are alot of people enjoying your interpretations and also defending you.
  • migzflickz : I mean amon. Hehehhe.. I know. And they would benefit at first then go ape sh*t the second they loss control.. Lol. Speculations. :-)
  • Sapphirewoman : I like this story alot more please thanks;)
  • migzflickz : Hahaha.. Yup. Its Amon got their names mixed up. Lol
  • Lightasus : @Anon
    Aha, I so understand you, that's how I was until I got sick this weekend and had too much time to look up into this xD. I really need to do something else though lol, earlier this week I didn't give much importance to any of the theories.

    Again for the report, the troll also ''reported'' Viewfinder, and it's still up. So I call trolling, and since the publishers just don't do much about the hosting websites and they know about them, and this manga sells really well anyway, I wouldn't worry.

    I was wondering if I should delete one or the two older topics, I mean there are good points but with a bunch of arguing, not to pretty to the eye, and probably no one will read 'til the end lol. Meh, I'll see.
  • Meowmeow_91 : That settled it, Mayu is a bitch.
  • Sapphirewoman : I like this story alot more please thanks;)
  • jino : the surfing story just killed me omg "Were you too busy riding in something else?" >3<
  • Anonymous : I look forward to it:)
  • Anonymous : You are rude. You seem to be the type of girl with a one track mind. I dont know but a rapist doesnt rape someone to be looked as a bad guy but a pretend "rapist" yes. Like the girls who are prgnant and drug a guy to make a scene that looks like they had sex so that he thinks the baby is his, if she went all the way it would be considered rape. I would consider what satonaka did a mistake that we all do. Like cheating on your partner, hurting your partner physically or emotionally because you were drven by jealousy, being drunk and raping your partner, we are all hum, we are not perfect, we make mistakes that we arent proud of some worst that others, but I felt like satonaka felt bad for what he did, I mean he could have not told anyone that he didnt go all the way with nanao but he told kuon to me that is someone who feel bad and wanted nanao to know, he knew that he hurt nanao a lot, he wanted nanao to stop making himself feel dirty and be happy. I truly believe that. Someone who is evil to the core will do the impossible to break someone up. Satonaka surrendered and accepted that nanao will never be his. He isnt all bad. He made some stupid mistakes but he isnt a bad guy.and u think what nanao did wasnt rape right, well little girl yes he did rape kuon. Read back kuon didnt know what was happening he was confusent, he did not consent to having sex. Ive seen a case like that the victim didnt think it was rape but the judge sent the girl to jail for raping the boy. Nanao made the same mistake, he didnt think about how kuon would feel he just did it. You will also make a stupid mistake when your blinded by jealousy or anger. There are a lot of people or criminal what ever you want to call them, that are not that bad. They just bad a mistake that they regret because they were blinded by money and many other things. My psychology friend visits them and speaks to them. We are all good but are blinded by emotions and possessions. It shows that you are still young.
  • Anonymous : Is "Owl" male of female? the gender hasn't been specified yet, so what do you all think?
  • Anonymous : Thanks, for the raws. I found those, but they're not complete. The ones on SS + summary wasn't complete either. If anyone has the completed raws, I'll translate them.
  • Anonymous : I hope Kaneki dones't die! And I hope Arima doesn't die either!
  • Yuukiv : Thanks!
  • @ 3rd anonymous : the links are below.
  • :) : try other manga viewing sites
  • Yamiga : To be honest, I don't see how Lightasus is being a bitch, or a troll. Katty, I don't mean to be rude, but isn't that a huge accusation coming from you? The way you insult people, calling them dumb or idiots for their opinions and theories is rude. I think that constitutes you to be quite 'bitchy', no? Furthermore, agreeing with a troll (yes, the person who made this thread is a troll), makes you seem more hypocritical and troll like than before. Point blank, the only person I've seen acting out of page here is you. Yes, not everyone will like the next person's opinions, but does that really constitute the behaviour you've been showing? Lightasus isn't acting rude or anything like that, she's just giving us her opinion and frankly, facts to back up that opinion. While I'm still not a solid believer of the theory, I won't call her a bitch because of it. For the longest time, you've been acting very aggressive towards a lot of users on here. The point of mangago's comment section is for people to share their opinions without the fear of being bashed or anything of the sort. That's not always the case but still, people shouldn't have to be looking over their shoulders just to make sure they won't get attacked. In short, you haven't made a good name for yourself. People don't like the way you bash them or call them idiots just for simple things. If you don't like someone's opinion or theory then don't even reply or read the thread, it's that easy. I'm sorry if I'm sounding rude but your comment was just uncalled for. Lightasus can do what she wants and you should not be rude to her for it.
  • Anon : Well the mangaka is lucky to have fans like you guys that love her work so much.. I personally just love the artwork. Hopefully this manga will still be up here.. some idiot reported this manga.
  • Anonymous : I found raws, but probably not one by one...
    And I found scans with sub espanol and they are probably in good order:
    And I don't know if these are all pages...
  • Anonymous : Cute.
  • » PearlyChii « : Awh I wanted to see more of their kids.. xD
    It's so sad,, that t ended already. :(
  • Aeka : Oh, believe me... That wasn't hard yaoi ;)
  • :D : Ha.ha.ha. this is really adorable. Very good read indeed.
  • Lightasus : @Anon
    Bah, if anything, I think it's the english readers that read too much into it. But I may have been reading too much with my interpretations, actually what I wanted was to find a bunch of them. Some are far-fetched, I did not categorize them, so oh well x).

    Oh, and I was jumping all over the place because I posted as I was turning things over in my head, it would've been wiser to wait. Like, less confusion.
    Okay, when I say your proofs seemed that way, I mean most of mine were too (aside of the translation thing, then again the only thing it proves is the ambiguosity). We're talking about unconfirmed theories, what we say cannot prove or disprove one to this day, even when to one person something seems to evident and to the other so ''horrible''. Actually I think we like to believe what we think sounds better, so x).