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  1. kai
    September 16, 2014 3:09 pm

    hi everyone. I need your honest opinion about my writing. I am aiming to be a self-published writer soon, and kinda feel a little scared right now because I don't have confidence in my skill. So please, if you could, give me your feedback. And do you think people would pay for my writing?
    Here's a sample of an original story I wrote inspired by the manga Hanayome-kun. Thank you for helping *nervous*nervous*

    Chapter 1 - Marriage Day

    "Arranged marriage at the age of 18. To someone I don't know and never met. So my family can be saved... how maidenly." He gave a mocking laugh as he fiddled with his white kimono. Then he thought he had gone insane for laughing at something not necessarily funny.
    Taking one last look at his bedroom, he quickly turned around and walked out.
    It was time to head for the Sekiya main house. He was going to marry into the Sekiya household as the bride. And became Sekiya Hajime's wife, a guy, who was the same age as him. As if that was not ridiculous enough, he was also going to be staying at the Sekiya house from now on like a proper wife, and had his name changed to Sekiya Yukihisa. Things like his gender being male was not a concern to them. It was appalling how conservative the Sekiya family still was considering this day and age. Still, a beggar like himself could never choose, he supposed.
    The car ride felt a little slower than normal, as if his father deliberately tried to postpone the inevitable. No matter, not like I am in a hurry to end my life as I know it, he thought to himself.
    The scenery outside passed by like they always do. He saw little old Aoba grandma walking away from the grocery store. There were two little boys chattering excitedly on the way home from kindergarten. A mother looking harassed by her upset little baby at the junction. Everyone was going about their normal lives outside.
    Nothing was normal inside the car though. At the back, sitting stiffly, Yukihisa fiddled with his robe again. He was wearing uchikake kimono, a long, white kimono women wear to their wedding, despite being a man, to be married off as a 'wife'. And he was still an 18-years-old high school student. It's a good thing they did not require him to wear the headdress women wear, but the pristine white flowery-patterned silk wrapped around his body was enough to make him feel like a woman. He felt suffocated and nauseated just thinking about it.
    In front of the car, mama who was usually sweet and cheerful, was now quiet as a mouse, shrunk in on herself like that, her head bowed low to hide her face, her hands gripping her handbag tightly. Dad was driving grimly, his movements stiff as his eyes locked to the windscreen the entire time. None of them looked back to him or tried to make small talks. It felt so much like going to grandma's funeral service he got a sense of dejavu.
    He knew this was all because mom and dad felt guilty about this. They were embarrassed of themselves, of their inability to protect him. No matter how much he convinced them otherwise, that he's doing this out of his own free will, they knew it was because they were backed into a corner. He was sacrificing himself so father's company could escape bankruptcy and his little brother and sister would never taste poverty. In the end, everyone felt the sting of helplessness eating at their flesh.
    The rest of the day passed by in a blur. The marriage service, the greetings of relatives, the small private feast, he just let himself drift through it all. He followed whatever instruction given by unknown voices, bowed his head and said the barest pleasantries each and every time someone approached. It seemed they were not expecting much of him either. Nothing registered deep in his mind but the fact that mama and dad left him here without a goodbye. Perhaps mama was crying and dad did not want him to see it so he dragged her out. Or maybe they did not have the heart to-
    "...hisa. Yukihisa. Yukihisa!"
    "Uh. Yes?" He looked up to the one summoning him. It was Sekiya Hajime himself.
    "It's time to retire. Every guest has left. Grandmother and other family members are also gone." He turned around to leave. "Follow me. I'll show you your room." His curt and precise words did not leave room for argument.
    "Yes, Sekiya-sama."
    Sekiya Hajime whipped around so fast his clothes swirled sharply about him, nearly hitting a startled Yukihisa.
    "What was that? Sekiya-sama? Are you making fun of me?"
    "What? I... no. I just..." Yukihisa was at a loss for words. He did not get why Sekiya Hajime would feel that way.
    "You realize that you are now Sekiya too? Should I call you Sekiya-sama? "
    "I'm not making fun of you! It's just how my family addresses your family. Why would I make fun of you? And it's not like you have said anything about calling out your given name. If you don't like it shouldn't you do something about it?" Great, a fight between newlyweds right after guests went home, Yukihisa thought grimly.
    “What kind of tone is that you're taking to your husband?!”
    “Well, you started it! You want me to be respectful? Why don't you start first?”
    Hajime walked forward and pulled on Yukihisa's pristine white uchikake kimono's collar roughly, jerking him forward. His anger was palpable in his eyes and face. Yukihisa stood his ground despite his heart jumping all over the place.
    "You'll call me Hajime, and you'll listen to everything I said.” He hissed angrily in Yukihisa's face. “That's all the respect you're going to get, wife. Now, follow me!" Then he grabbed Yukihisa's wrist tightly and dragged him off deeper into the traditional Japanese house.
    “That hurt! Let go!” Yukihisa called out to the man in front of him, angered and humiliated at the treatment. “I said let go!” He tried to tug his wrist away, only to have Hajime tighten his grip in reprimand. It's going to bruise tomorrow, Yukihisa thought in disgust as he ceased his struggle and tried to hurry up, not feeling like keeping up the pointless fight.
    Yukihisa had no problem matching Hajime's pace, but the long winding corridors and his own heavy robe turned it into a struggle. Soon he was mind-cursing everyone who designed the sprawling house and his 'more layers than he cared to count' kimono and the tight obi around his chest that was cutting his breathing, but mostly he was cursing the abominable freight train that was Hajime.

    "Starting tonight, this is your room. My room is next door." Hajime pointed down the hallway. We actually had our own private wing, Yukihisa noticed."There's a door that connects both our room in between. Don't worry, I am never going to open that door. You too, better not try to." He said with threatening tone, his eyes full of distrust.
    Yukihisa just glared back. He really was not feeling like talking now, as he was still huffing and puffing. Threats be damned, it's not like he would ever be tempted by this arrogant guy.
    "Anything you want to ask?"
    "Bathroom?" he huffed.
    "End of the corridor." This time Hajime just gave a flick of his head down the hallway.
    "Thanks. See ya." Without waiting for a reply Yukihisa swiftly opened the bedroom door and entered, sliding the door closed with a bang in Hajime's face. He did not even feel like caring that he was being rude to his spouse. He just wanted the day to be over.
    He waited a moment at the door, making sure that Hajime would not burst in with anger at his attitude. When nothing happened, he sighed with relief and walked away. Good thing we are not expected to sleep together. I might end up strangling him to death, Yukihisa predicted.

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  2. iodine September 16, 2014 2:46 pm

    can Anyone help me to find yaoi manga, tge story is about a shy kouhai (junior) who in love with his senpai bu he cant tell him .. Pleasee hellppp meee ._.

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  3. Some help please, major help September 16, 2014 2:43 pm

    Hi everyone, need some help finding a B.L. manga and I have been looking for days except that I only remember a scene. Thanks for all the help.

    Here is the scene,
    Guy A wakes up and doesn't know where he is, and he starts towards the sound/ smell of food.(I'm not sure that Guy B is making food I think he is???) On the way he peeks in few of the rooms, one of the rooms has bookcases filled with books and such. Another room is an exercising room. Guy A finds Guy B in the kitchen/ dining area. Guy A sits at the table and talks to Guy B. Guy B's cat comes out and starts to hack/ cough up a fur ball. Guy A thinks something is wrong with the cat. Guy B takes care of the fur ball and says something (similar to) " I thought so too, and I went to the veterinarian to make sure."

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  4. Ria
    September 16, 2014 2:26 pm

    looking for a manga similar to tail of the moon, what I mean is that its an arrange marriage but the guy is opposed to it and has a lot of angst unmm.. preferaby its completed ok thanks

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  5. MatsuKana September 16, 2014 1:06 pm

    I m searching a yaoi manga that goes something like this
    The uke work as a helper of a chef in brodcasting network and meet his past lover (who was also a chef) but the uke does not remember it (because of some surgery) and so those the lover( until some time) the uke also have a new lover itself and stick to him until the end of the story .Please help me find this I know my english suck but pleasee

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  6. Kaname September 16, 2014 10:09 am

    Looking for a yaoi manga where the uke ran away from the seme. When he returned to the seme's place he saw his old pet. I think it was a hamster with a heart shaped mark on his fur on his back. Then the seme came back home with someone and the runaway uke assumed that the seme and that 'someone' are together. The seme gave the runaway uke money but he got mad and left. That's all I can remember. Anyone knows what's the name of this manga? Thanks.

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  7. help September 16, 2014 9:51 am

    Looking for a naono bohra story about a man who is a vet that is in love with a retired cop who lost his leg saving the vet's life when he was younger. I think it was a one shot but I'm having a hard time finding the name. Can anyone help?

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  8. natsu
    September 16, 2014 9:36 am

    Please help i forgot the but i think mizukami shin, its about doctor that heal the inner of people i think thank you

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  9. E September 16, 2014 7:17 am

    uke in a kimono?? please :<

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  10. :) September 16, 2014 7:13 am


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    • Ria
      September 16, 2014 12:45 pm


  11. cute2luv September 16, 2014 7:10 am

    Hey I'm looking a yaoi where this guy got married to this guy but he doesn't remember. The guy, seme, turns out to be really creepy but the duke visited him in the hospital or drug and gave him candy. The seme used the candy wrappers to make this really pretty design. Btw the seme burnt the duke ex lover books.

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  12. Aki September 16, 2014 6:37 am

    Can someone please help me find this manga. It is a shoujo and there are 4 friends- 2 guys and 2 girls. The blond hair guy is in love with the black hair girl but then the black hair girl is involved with an affair with a married man. The main character is a blond hair girl and she loves the blond hair guy. Later on there was a scene of her in a yataka and the black hair guy makes a move on her to annoy the blond hair guy.
    Confusing summary but please help me!

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  13. Seke
    September 16, 2014 5:57 am

    ok so im looking for a manga that a read quite awhile ago so i dont remember much. so im hoping someone will know what it is with the very short description i can think of. ok here it goes..
    its a BL. all i can remember is that the 2 boys that were a couple either ran a away for a few weeks.. or snuck away on a "vacation". but 1 of the boys told his mother that he was going away to an academic camp or something school related. but his mentally sick mother called the place that he was supposed to be at like a 100 times and they kept telling her he wasnt there but she wouldnt believe them. when the son finally returned home he thought he got away with his lie. but his mom found mud or something on his shoes and she went crazy and she tried to strangle him in his sleep but he kicked her off of him and she smacked her head on the wall and call his boyfriend thinking he killed her. thats really all i can remember if anyone know the name to this please let me know. thanks!

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  14. Akira
    September 16, 2014 5:38 am

    I actually looking for a yaoi manga that I have read like 3 years ago and I actually forgotten the title T^T... It's about 2 guys(well duh) they both have snake tattoos on the back, the seme wasa a yakuza and he had a black snake and the uke (i forgot his job) had a white snake. When the uke was pissed off he suddenly became violent and he was the cause of the seme's scar on his face. Oh maii gadd~!! I wanna read it back!! If anyone know this one please do tell me~!

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  15. Looking for a Manga that was f September 16, 2014 5:14 am

    It was a couple of weeks back, I think.. but it was about 2 boys.. who didn't even look older than 12 xD
    Well, I didn't get to finish reading it at the time, and I forgot the title of the Manga.. so if anybody could help me, it would be much appreciated :D

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    • Anonymous September 16, 2014 5:16 am

      Sorry, don't know how to use this site yet so I screwed up with the post. :[
      But yeah, it was featured in the Top 5 Yaoi Manga list a couple of weeks back

    • darkangel
      September 16, 2014 5:25 am

      Any chance of it being this or any other works of this author? http://www.mangago.com/read-manga/kohitsuji_hokaku_keikaku/

    • fujoshi September 16, 2014 6:09 am

      Is it about swimwear?

  16. crazymangafan
    September 16, 2014 4:14 am

    the manga I am looking for is about a girl who is in love with her friends brother, during the manga he gets hurt falling off a horse or something like that, he goes blind in one eye and might lose sight in the other, not sure, the girls friend also told the brother that the girl sleep with her boyfriend (she really didn't), and they don't want anything to do with her after that, so she left, then for some reason she was put the hospital, the hospital contacted the friend and brother, with contact info they got off a necklace or something like that.....

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  17. Skye
    September 16, 2014 4:13 am

    Completed yaoi manga with submissive seme and dominant uke. Thanks in advance :*

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  18. YaoiOtaku4 September 16, 2014 3:58 am

    People are attracted to him and love him for his looks? He gets a lot of attention?

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  19. nge September 16, 2014 3:45 am

    Could anyone help me to give a list of manga in which seme is madly in love with uke or uke is the one who controls the relationship? Thanks a million to anyone who help!!! :)

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  • Sn : There's one chapter missing from raw, in which how did Takasu-kun ended up as a couple with Suzuki and how that crutches' girl got into an accident, making Takasu-kun waiting on her like that.
    Suzuki confessed to Kataoka and he declined her. Then on seeing her sister with him, Suzuki thought that her sister was the one he's in love with. But they both said they were just friends but I think he did like the sister then. Her sister, however has a boyfriend who is Kataoka's friend, if I'm not mistaken. The thing with the sisters' relationship was that Suzuki couldn't stand others always idoilising her sister till she told her sister 'I hate you' before and then she moved to a faraway school trying to avoid this situation. Kataoka slowly fell for Suzuki.
    Takasu-kun confessed to Suzuki and she rejected him. But how they got together is in the missing chapter. They got back together but Takasu had to attend to that silly girl so he was always on call. Then when finally, he wanted to go to Disneyland with her but he had to postpone it due to that silly girl again. So when Kataoka saw him, he was so mad at Takasu for neglecting Suzuki and said he wanted to be with Suzuki since Takasu couldn't. Well, Kataoka arrived there and asked Suzuki if she would go with him instead and you get to see Takasu rushing like hell to reach them. But before that, he told that silly girl that he had enough and didn't want to be at her beck and call anymore.
    Haha at the end, when Takasu apologised to that silly girl, the stupid girl leg was already cured.
    Hope I got it right, miss the brother's part though, late already, need to zzzzz....you all can see the happy end for yourselves.
  • Next : Anyone know if there will be a next chapter soon? Or has the Mangaka taken another break?
  • kaito : Again, so cute
  • Anonymous : Thanks for the comments . I think i'll pass . I'm scared to lose my tears xD
  • KIAB : Thank you L2709 for that 2nd spoiler! However, my reactions, lols: Eh? Eh?! EH!!! WAIT, WAIT, DON'T JUST DROP IT! xD Although, I can understand what the person meant by that though. However, I think it was clearly obvious that Akagi fell for Kousaka when he teased him in chp.3 because Akagi's face expression was so clear. On the other hand, it seems like Akagi may later on become soft-hearted too. Well, it's not 100% but with Kousaka the way he is, I can see where Mei Sakuraga-sensei is trying to go with the story. Aside from Hayate's appearance in the story, I really am hoping for a great ending! =) I am clearly already in love with Kousaka and Akagi.
  • Anonymous : Cant believe the manga ends like this.
    Guys believe it or not that was the last chapter.
  • Kayla Christine : love this!!! especially last chapter was very cuteeee....
  • CrownJoker : nice
  • Yaoi123 : Kuroko X Kise is my most favourite yaoi pair
  • Lady M : On chapter 16, page 37 I laughed so hard I started crying with Hinase's bloody nose (it looked like he had a weird moustache XD). And again on page 41 when he was pouting big time. So funny, lol ^0^
  • KIAB : Wow, chapter 3 really gave all the cues. xD And "PRINCESS"? WHAT?! LMFAO. OMG, KOUSAKA-KUN I AM NOW LOOKING AT YOU IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT! Although, no offense but Hayate...tone it down man!! WTFH is wrong with you - urgh!!
  • kuroneko : j demand for some hot three-some Xd
  • Peppermint Turtle : NOOOOOO she going to throw herself into the sea like in the fairytale!
  • zzzz : please update!!! really want to know the rest... thank you
  • Kawaiiloverq : LOL
    Ja'far as a babysitter. More like silly putty by the way the baby is squeezing the life out of him.
  • Anonymous : Gays popping everywhere hahahaha
  • kawai Onee-chan : Thank you very much for the raws ~Thankful~!!! Can anyone read Korean, whats Babys name in the end??? (soo exciting) >.<
  • Anonymous : oh my god that was so cute god damn it usopp you ruin everything! i love those two and it was drawn so well!! it looked like the real thing!
  • gakuenalicefanforeava : I couldnt believe a mangs could br filled wid so many emotions.dis manga was filled happiness joyfulness sadness jealousy n everyother fealin n even romantic feeling..i cried a lot first manga which made my heart melt...i was maddly laughing in some chapter n maddly cryin in other chapters..hatsoff to every1 which helped me read such a lovely manga n especiallu d mangaka love yu!!!n i really need a sequel-a funny n a happy 1 though
  • CrownJoker : waaaaa
  • kusarihime : Alabang-- WAIT FOR ME. please give me an exact address-- I don't care if I couldn't buy one-- just want to see them with my own eyes!
  • CrownJoker : booommmmmmmmm hahaha
  • Anonymous : ugajin is hot,,, phewwww
  • ahhhhsocute : yeah its true that yaoi manga here in the phil is expensive cause when i bought one from fullybooked it cause like P500+ it really depends on who publish it but there are a lot of yaoi manga in fullybooked alabang in their 4th floor they a have a bookshelf that is only yaoi manga but it will be expensive
  • momiji.maple : yeah... me too.. i can't help them.. i don't know neither korean language nor cleaning.. and my friend just too busy with her study that i don't dare to bothering her again.. sigh..
    i think this manhwa is more and more interesting start from vol 3 and up until now (31)... they become more closer after they fell from the cliff.. and.. waaah.. it's just that 'scence' that makes me so happy.. hehehe..i'm not giving you some spoiler again about this..
    hey.. the 31st chapter are out today... in party monthly. i meant the review..
    , i don't know the translation but from the picture, in the night..orthez meet someone who appear from her castle window, that person wear the hat so 'his' face doesn't too clear to see (i don't know is it a man or a girl but i wish it's a man.. because i think it's orthez turn.. i want to listen orthez past story.. maybe she have some ex in the past???! am i just the one in here to wish that 'i want to see arthur's jealousy face'?? up until now, it's like arthur and his ex past story.. so yeah.. i want it so bad!) they talking something.. and it's just makes me more dying than before..
  • Anonymous : well i think its a good ending, well its not like they will never see each other again.
  • Anonymous : i think he will be uke :P
  • kusarihime : I simply can't stop myself from anticipating its movie to be online... and I had to listen to its Drama CD again and again and again just to calm myself down.
  • Yumemi : Chapter 37 -yessssss I love HoriMiya <3
  • kusarihime : I feel the same-- it's still different when it's original...
  • kusarihime : ... Hello there Fudanshi-kun! (I hope you don't mind me calling you that) anyhow, it's not really surprising for me to hear that a YAOI manga (which is rare) costs P500+ because it's Yaoi, and it's rare. And I envy you for having that Crimson Spell Manga-- I actually almost buy a Junjou Romantica manga before over Sulit.com... but things happened and I let that once in a lifetime chance to escape. Anyways, I'm seriously planning to buy Yaoi mangas in Japan when I finally can read Nihon-go... and I heard there's a special cafe just opened in Ikebukuro that was exclusive for Yaoi fans!
  • guess : thanks for the update
  • Anonymous : Yey he became an a rank now hehhe
  • niknak : omgg so good looking forward to more of this :D
  • coolwhat1 : one of the bests for me.... wish there were more like this
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    I want to cry..
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  • Wataru : Yay!!! finally they had sex LOL xD, wish I could understand what they're saying >.<"

    Thank you sooo much :)))
  • best of the best : i can say this is definitely one of my favorite manga! READREADREADREAD THIS!
  • Anonymous : damn sasuke
  • Noisymura : Here are the chapters up to chapter9 in chinese http://www.77mh.com/colist_233413.html
    And here chapter 6 to 9 in japanese here are chapters 6 to 9 in japanese http://mangalator.ch/index.php?page=manga&manga=8510
    Enjoy ;) (you're lucky to be able to read chinese, I'm jealous haha)
  • Noisymura : let's just hope some people will release more spoilers fufu
  • Noisymura : It is but just like @L2709 said the group ordered their copy but will only receive it during the last week of september and then they'll take some time to work on it so yeah if you want it in english it won't be before early november probably.
  • Nyantaro-kun : Woooo! Power ups!!…
  • Cloudz : Im choosing both! =D DP please~ XP
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  • Anonymous : This needs to be made into an anime...like seriously...
  • niknak : omg seequel please i loved every bit of it tooo cute awe :D
  • loveyaoi : Great story good read
  • popieye : what with this manga ?? there no romance or happiness it fill with sob and tremble feeling i mean come on that little brother is so fucking stupid he let his brother do all of those things... to him without any argument
  • niknak : last couple was the best the first couple to soo kawaii aww :D
  • Red : This is so funny... I love that wild yaoi fantasy...
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    btw, in the last volume jo look like the main boy character in mars
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  • Red : oh, finally end.... so cute story.. <3
  • Anonymous : these are simply twisted. i can feel it now: "You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension - a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into the Gakkou Kaidan!" lol
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  • >_<¦¦¦ : I feel ya there... I alwayds get excited when I find raws only to find out its in chinese. T.T
  • CrownJoker : nice
  • Rehena : Whoops I forgot about Haikyuu, totally recommeded.