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55530 Questions

  1. Myka
    September 17, 2014 8:39 am

    After office hours, uke is getting late at catching his fav tv show. So he enters into an Izakaya to watch his fav show. He orders his food gets really into the show. When the chef(seme) serves his food he's too reluctant to eat it, which is of course bcz of his main goal (to watch the tv). The chef gets really angry and turns off the tv and asks him to eat the food. Then they get into a really big fight. Then on the next day the uke goes into the izakaya again to ask for an appology. Then after a few events the uke realizes that the seme is the bully who ruined his high school life. So he swears to make the seme fall in love with him and then dump him as revenge

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    • Myka
      September 17, 2014 8:41 am

      Someone posted this the other day and it got me curious so can someone please help find it

  2. Ororo September 17, 2014 7:06 am

    You know what's a huge pet peeve of mine as a yaoi fan? Going on hentai websites to read yaoi, and seeing people post futanari stories in the yaoi or traps tags. Like come on dude, they are completely different things. =A=

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  3. fujoshi September 17, 2014 6:44 am

    i havent read nor watch gekkan shoujo
    i wanna know if masayuki and yuu will be a real couple
    or something like that

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    • Kathy
      September 17, 2014 6:54 am

      You should it's really funny. It probably won't since it's mainly just a comical anime/manga. I mean there is a hint of there being some sort of feelings withing the "couples", but romance is not the focus at all.

    • Kathy
      September 17, 2014 6:54 am


    • fujoshi September 17, 2014 9:01 am

      Awwww ... and im planning to watch it ... because of masayuki x yuu
      Awww X

  4. Seke
    September 17, 2014 6:15 am

    i thought i knew what mangaka it was that wrote this BL i am looking for. but i didnt see it there so obviously now i have no clue as to where to look so ill just ask here.

    ok so this BL centers around 2 couples. but they are all of the same family. basically what happens is the eldest sister gets married. but disappears after the wedding. sending her new husband to live in a house with her younger brothers. the eldest name was Taiga and was named by his sister after a baseball team or something. well anyways they all end up living together trying to find out where their scary older sister went. in the mean time the eldest brother and the sisters husband end up falling for each other. im pretty sure the husband liked Taiga from before and agreed to marry her for that reason. OR because he liked the idea of a family. he himself also is a guardian of a young teenager. in turn that teenager ends of falling for the younger brother. but that younger brother has quite the older brother complex. and is always wanting Taiga to dote on him. so he gets rather jealous when Taiga starts paying attention to the new "husband". i could go on but then this paragraph would more so tell the entire story lol. so if anyone know the name of this manga that would be great!

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  5. noemiiAki
    September 17, 2014 5:25 am

    Can somebody please help me find a manga I've been looking for quite a while... Its about this really quiet girls that looks very shy and other girls are jealous of her but she's actually scared of talking to guys, but there's this one guy she starts liking Cruz he's nice (I think the guy is also shy with girls and I'm pretty sure that's the 1st time she likes somebody). Thanks uuu ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

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  6. Alyksandra September 17, 2014 5:15 am

    Yaois where there's no exclusive seme/uke? Like, they both do the giving and being given interchangeably?

    Thanks a ton in advance!!!!!!!

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  7. Zehel Klein September 17, 2014 5:01 am

    Guys I need your help..(sorry if it's not well detailed)..T.T..can someone help find this yaoi manga?...
    This is what I remembered, the Seme is somewhat foreigner, mysterious and popular..but the first impression of the uke to him was homeless and somewhat freeloading in different houses if women and having wads of cashes for entertaining them..then, this Seme is in love and obsessed with the uke..like Psychotic..and in the end of (idk what chapter is that)...that the seme's real identity is a runaway patient in the mental institution...because at the end of the chapter he is bound in the stretcher and saying to his doctor "I'm back at home"...

    Thanks in advance for those who can help me!!..;-D

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    • Just Another Girl September 17, 2014 5:40 am

      The ending sounds like this yaoi:

    • Just Another Girl September 17, 2014 5:43 am

      Sorry this got posted on the wrong comment. I am sorry.

    • Zehel Klein September 17, 2014 5:46 am

      @Just Another Girl
      -it's okay...:-)

    • Zehel Klein September 17, 2014 5:48 am

      Thanks "Just Another Girl"...;-D..it's the right manga I've been searching for....thanks for the help in finding it!!!...☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

    • Just Another Girl September 17, 2014 6:03 am
      Thanks "Just Another Girl"...;-D..it's the right manga I've been searching for....thanks for the help in finding it!!!...☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Zehel Klein

      What was it? I'm curious now.

    • Zehel Klein September 17, 2014 6:41 am
      What was it? I'm curious now. Just Another Girl

      Co'z the link you post above is the manga that I've been searching for...btw, I just finished reading it....:-)

  8. Just Another Girl September 17, 2014 4:41 am

    I'm searching for the manga where this guy loves stuff animals and is mocked for it. When he is hiding from bullies, he finds a hidden crane machine and plays on it. He pulls out a person who claims to be a stuff animal. It later follows him to his house because the MC left his student id behind when he ran away. The human-toy sees stuff animal and calls it senpai. Suprisingly the animal anime replies.

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  9. PROBLEM! September 17, 2014 4:36 am

    Hey guys i kinda have this problem and i want you to give me some advic3e, its not related to yaoi. Okay so ive had this crush on this guy forever, and i havent had a class with him in like two years... I dont even think he remembers me, but my friends then introduces me to another friends and it turns out that friend also likes him, but just started to because he is cute. How to make her stop liking him without sounding mean? (i really like her as a friend and i dont really want to loose her, but she knew i liked him when she started...) And how do i make him "look" my way without actually telling him that i like him. We dont have any of the same friends as me and he is getting pretty popular... Should i give up on him? I really like him :(

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    • rose
      September 17, 2014 4:51 am

      You can't stop your friend's feelings. You can only change your own. And if you try to force the issue, you will only alienate yourself from them and cause bad feelings between you two. State to your friend, that you too like this guy and have for a while, just to remind her, and then let the issue go. It's then up to her if she wants to value her feelings for you over a crush that just started.

      And if you like the guy, tell him. That's the best way to get him to "look your way". Waiting for for "sempai to notice you" is a good way to not get a boyfriend. If you don't want to be so blunt about it, let one of his friends know that your are interested in him. This could backfire splendidly, however, so my original advice stands. Don't worry about the other girl, be brave, and go for it.

    • PROBLEM! September 17, 2014 5:05 am

      Thank you! Ill try to go with your advice:)

    • cri September 17, 2014 5:05 am
      You can't stop your friend's feelings. You can only change your own. And if you try to force the issue, you will only alienate yourself from them and cause bad feelings between you two. State to your friend, th... rose

      I agree and don't.
      I agree about the friend part but i thnk she should probably make sure the guys knows she exists before just blurts out she likes him.
      You should talk to the guy. make sure he knows your name. have a conversation. It's probably scary cause you have no friends in common but maybe you and a friend could sit near his group at lunch? learn what he likes try and join in a conversation? you know, "hey i'm XXX and this is OOO can we sit here with you guys?" "oh you guys like anime? we like anime too. Do you go to any conventions?" etc.

    • rose
      September 17, 2014 5:10 am
      I agree and don't.
      I agree about the friend part but i thnk she should probably make sure the guys knows she exists before just blurts out she likes him.
      You should talk to the guy. make sure he knows y... @cri

      Hmmm... you're probably right cri.
      If "problem" can enter into his circle, she'll probably get a better response than if he sees her as a vague acquaintance.

    • PROBLEM! September 17, 2014 5:14 am

      Thanks for the advice guys :)

  10. I Thot You Was a Toad
    September 17, 2014 4:28 am

    Does anybody know if Takanaga Hinako ever wrote a sequel to Liberty, Liberty? It seemed to me I recalled a second story where Itaru is enjoying some personal success as a screenwriter, and the former friend who betrayed him by plagiarizing his work comes back to finish the job by accusing him of what he, himself, did, which is to steal his ideas.

    Or am I confusing this with something else entirely? (I know there is one involving a kimono fabric designer hounded and terrorized by someone who was jealous of his success, but that was a completely different story.)

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    • Kathy
      September 17, 2014 4:45 am

      are you talking about these?:
      Ive actually never read these but i know they are not the sequels to libety, liberty, but they are of Kimi ga Koi ni Ochiru.

    • I Thot You Was a Toad
      September 17, 2014 4:58 am

      Hi Kathy! (I was tempted just to PM you directly, since I suspected if anyone knew the answer to this, it would be you.)

      Kimi ga Koi ni Oboreru was the sequel to which I was NOT referring, the one I mentioned in brackets. It's a great story, but not that one.

      Did I just dream up this sequel idea? The storyline seems so clear to me, but I've been wrong before.

    • Kathy
      September 17, 2014 5:06 am
      Hi Kathy! (I was tempted just to PM you directly, since I suspected if anyone knew the answer to this, it would be you.)

      Kimi ga Koi ni Oboreru was the sequel to which I was NOT referring, the one I ment... I Thot You Was a Toad

      Actually, I don't think you were dreaming up that story, cause i'm pretty sure i have seen others ask for the same (at least very similar) to that plot. I remember someone also answering and I thought it was one of the ones I gave you, but maybe it's by a whole different mangaka.

    • I Thot You Was a Toad
      September 17, 2014 5:23 am
      Actually, I don't think you were dreaming up that story, cause i'm pretty sure i have seen others ask for the same (at least very similar) to that plot. I remember someone also answering and I thought it was on... Kathy

      Those are the stories which concern a brilliant kimono painter and a jealous rival. Same author, similar theme. But they don't involve a plagiarized script/screenplay, and they have nothing to do with the writer, Itaru, and camera operator, Kouki, or the comic universe of Liberty-Liberty. I was sure Takanaga had taken that story further, and I was looking forward to reading how Itaru's reputation is redeemed.

      Thanks, anyway.

  11. KyoZaNa✿
    September 17, 2014 4:01 am

    The Uke was asked to dressed up as his sibling/sister to be bride of the dark land prince.
    I wanna give more info but that's all I can remember. (T_T)

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  12. lady September 17, 2014 3:44 am

    seme loves uke but wont tell him

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    • Kathy
      September 17, 2014 4:11 am

      Like he wont confess to the uke or do you mean the he wont tell uke he loves him even though they are together?

  13. yaoiwhore September 17, 2014 3:40 am


    can someone help me with this one? it has a few stories in it. one is about a model (seme- tall, with i think black hair) that is very successful but he acts super spoiled when he gets this new manager (uke- short, buzz cutt, glasses). another one is about an actor (seme) who is in love with his childhood friend. he makes the excuse that he wants to practice kissing on his childhood friend to do it for acting. i found this picture of it but dont know the name to look it up

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    • I Thot You Was a Toad
      September 17, 2014 4:44 am

      Okay. That's the yaoi-est looking not-yaoi scene I've ever seen, though, short of them ripping off their clothes, etc.

    • fujoshi September 17, 2014 6:16 am

      Woot woot

  14. Wild Flower Allure
    September 17, 2014 2:53 am

    Hey guys,
    I have question. As I was cruising down the aisle of recent manga comments, I came across a manga that I'm interested in. Anyways, I clicked on the manga and the manga is tagged as "rape." Now, I ask this in the sense that I feel some people might be tagging a manga with the notion that at the end of the day it is "rape," which it is correct, but in reality it was non-con(kink) fiction. Furthermore, the character falls for the perpetrator and live happily ever after. Whereas, I see rape fiction being realistic where the protagonist was rape/sexually abuse, but goes through recovery. The victim finds healing support from other characters in the story.
    I personally don't read non-con fiction. Therefore, is this manga: http://www.mangago.com/read-manga/ai_towa_yoru_ni_kizuku_mono/ a "rape" or "non-con" fiction?
    With what was being said, I think it would be very helpful if fans who are into non-con manga would label it as non-con. I personally and I think I speak for a lot of people, don't want to come across false reading without any intent of disclaimer. I think we fans should help each other out.
    Thank you

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    • Kathy
      September 17, 2014 3:11 am

      Non-con is not a kink it's just a shorten version of the word non-consensual (which is another way of saying rape). What you are talking about, where the character falls for the perpetrator, is called Stockholm Syndrome. So what i'm saying is that it doesn't make sense to ask people to tag things as non-con since it's means the same thing as rape, what would be more helpful is if they can tag it as Stockholm Syndrome. Also yes, that manga does contains rape.

    • Just Another Girl September 17, 2014 4:33 am

      What Kathy said. Also some people have a problem with the idea of the term non-con because it implies that there is two types of sex: consensual and non-consensual which as Kathy points out is rape. It is simply much clearer to tag it as rape than non-con since not everyone knows that term.

    • I Thot You Was a Toad
      September 17, 2014 4:40 am

      As far as I knew, warnings for rape and non-con mean the same thing. There is a sketchy gray area where the label dubcon indicates psychological coercion or blackmail.

      But, if you're talking rape as a sort of sex-game role-playing kink, where all the participants are willing, but they are acting out a rape scene because it makes them hotter and hornier, then I wouldn't label it as rape, non-con or even dubcon. I would slap it with a kink label, though, just to warn off people who don't want anything other than fluff.

    • Wild Flower Allure
      September 17, 2014 5:22 am
      As far as I knew, warnings for rape and non-con mean the same thing. There is a sketchy gray area where the label dubcon indicates psychological coercion or blackmail.

      But, if you're talking rape as a s... I Thot You Was a Toad

      Yea, like I said before, at the end of the day it is still rape, whether it be non-con, dub-con, or rape. But what separates one type of rape from another rape is that in some fiction the protagonist was raped/sexual abused and goes through a healing process, it is more realistic, plus it has a message/meaning; whereas in the other rape fictions, it is meant more to arouse the reader. I guess you could say it is fetish(that is why I wrote down kink) for the reader and the victim and abuser live happily ever after. Therefore, it isn't meant to take serious, it is set in a tone of fantasy because the authors intentions is to arouse the reader.
      Like you said, non-con, dub-con, and rape is a gray area and it is sometimes difficult to try define and what elements are consider for each one.
      My friends and I are avid readers and have similar definitions for each one and we even searched online with other avid readers and come across somewhat the same, but like you said, it very gray. Some people have very specific details for each one. Do you think perhaps people should label it as rape fantasy?

    • I Thot You Was a Toad
      September 17, 2014 5:51 am

      I get what you're saying. Yes, there should be a separation between the two types of descriptors, because the difference in the type of depiction changes the experience of the story.

      I think with most yaoi fantasy stories, rape is often a weird id-candy symbol for being sexually irresistible and provocative. The victim excites his attacker past his point of endurance, past his capacity to behave sanely. Or they live under conditions where sexual freedom simply does not exist, and so all expressions of sexuality must be carried out under a pretense of coercion. In these stories, rape is an inversion of sexual power and gratifies certain readers not because they approve of violation, but because ... well, there could be any number of reasons, none of which have anything to do with real rape at all. I do think it is a mistake to confuse the depictions of rape in yaoi with real rape, unless, they are, as you pointed out, an intentionally realistic portrayal of rape, in which case, there would be realistic consequences — awful, horrible consequences with physical damage and psychological trauma. I wonder if there is a way of tagging these realistic stories so that would-be readers could make the distinction and choose to read accordingly.
      Warnings are good to have.

    • I Thot You Was a Toad
      September 17, 2014 5:54 am

      I also think that the label non-con wouldn't be suitable, because readers wouldn't understand that there is meant to be such a distinction.

    • Wild Flower Allure
      September 17, 2014 6:47 am
      I get what you're saying. Yes, there should be a separation between the two types of descriptors, because the difference in the type of depiction changes the experience of the story.

      I think with most y... I Thot You Was a Toad

      I agree. There should a specific distinction between the two types of rapes so it can help fans know what they are about to read. I just wish they would put some sort of disclaimer, I was thinking perhaps "rape fantasy."
      I just simply don't want mine and anyone else's time wasted.
      Thank you for understanding and taking the time to answer my question :)

    • Tavi
      September 17, 2014 8:42 am

      Hmm are you thinking you want the tags to say something like rape trope? Where basically the author uses rape as a way to get two characters together versus the 'evil' rape where the victim doesn't like it in the end?

      Personally I don't see much of a difference, if you have sex without consent it equals rape to me. I still get annoyed at the usage of rape tropes, it's part of the reason we have such a screwed up rape culture as it is. Half the kids reading porn in their darkened rooms are being taught that forcing someone will make them fall in love with you, before most of them have even tried dating...sorry, my rant switch went off there...

  15. this really make me nervous -_- BROMANCE it's like almost not yaoi September 17, 2014 2:23 am
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  16. fujoshi September 17, 2014 1:32 am

    Im curious if there is a manga where the couple is like masayuki and yuu fro gekkan shoujo
    Btw yuu is a girl

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  17. insomniacklepto September 17, 2014 12:54 am

    Anyone know the Yao that contains the oneshot about how the uke is in Hong Kong and is looking for a ring for his pushy girlfriend. He is attracted to this red ring and he somehow stays there and has a relationship with the owner.

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  • popieye : ahhhh !!! the story is just sooooooo cute!!! and the ending part was sooo funny!!
  • ric : kinda want to see when the student grows up and becomes taller than the sensei awwwwwww
  • yehet : I think Ai and her brother are not real family .. Maybe one of them was adopted .. Hope they'll end together ^^
  • BitchesBTrippin' : Luckily for us Sensei has common sense. It wouldn't happen!
  • unknown : is it me or lord hal reminded me of Akihiko in tuxedo if anyone notice it
  • Penny : The story of Kondo and Hinamori os going to be really hot, the last chapter of the raws left me with a fever....
  • Anonymous : 10/10. Heartfelt, slow pace but with plenty action. And tbh, I cried a bit.
  • CrownJoker : just try u bitch..
  • NinjaFangirl : Ive only read this once but I swear I will never forget the story. It's so unique and well done I recommend it to EVERYONE
  • Ai-chan : I agree. I still wished that there was 5 years later or something but it actually has a picture of them in the ending with Ran having long hair.
  • Anonymous : awwww. definitly one of the best yaoi ever. definitly the most sweet one. i love sora. best uke ever. he is too adorable. finaly a uke with balls
  • Coral : Thank you so much. :) I hope so too. ^_^
  • kassy2384 : go to manapark they have it ch 25
  • juli : Rooting for Sora all the fucking way!!!
    It started like Tecchan was gonna be a hero and save Sora from his dad, but then the story turned around and Sora became like really one of my fav characters in all mangas. Decided, he grew some balls, confronted his father, fought for his love and for his future and was able to confide on his friend as well :3 <3
    Tecchan... An absolute dick! Wanted sora, then not, then he searches for him, then he rapes him and leaves him, aaaaah he drove me crazy.
    well, i ended up writing a bible here hahaha
  • Shinigami : anyone else thinks Yuzu looks a lot like Lucy from Fairy Tail?
  • Rehena : I wanted something like this
    Historical mistery
    This is awesome
  • marry : You bring up an interesting point but i have to disagree, it is not a Hollywood myth makes us believe that "romantic love" is more important than "friendship love" or "family love". I was raised in a culture that believed that "romantic love" is more important than "friendship love" or "family love". we don't believe or practice incest but once married, the woman moved in with her husband and her husband and their offspring becomes more important than her mom, dad or brothers and sister meaning she nor he can place their mom, dad, bro, and sis above their husband or wife. I think even in America such practice does exist (it wouldn't be in Hollywood movies if it didn't) but it is different when the person you love happens to be related to you
  • KyoZaNa✿ : I don't understand why some readers here hated the MC.
    The Uke loved the seme much but still kept saying "I wanna break up" because he felt insecure and wanted the seme to confirm their relationship. The seme knew well but still ignored. Meanie! (+_+;)
    Anyway the seme eventually did it with that pictures & proposal. -- Kyaa~ SWEET END!!
  • I m a sexy seme : I hate kou feel so sorry for Ao , why Ao there's so many uke out there but you have to choose that slut
  • Anonymous : We'll se if Kishi includes him in the last chapters. I wonder if Iruka and Naruto will have a little chat together. The guy still dosen't have a clue, that Naruto sees/saw him as a father in the past. Im dissapointed, how their relationship was wasted to the point, that Naruto focuses now only on his parents, Sasuke, Jiraiya AND power. At the beggining this manga was all about bonds and acknowledgment. Now it is about saving the world, power, etc...
  • KyoZaNa✿ : I don't think we can use that one chapter as a reference while we already have the whole volume here. I'm pretty sure it's just the mistake upload.

    I really regret that I found the sequel too late, the links were all dead.
  • Anonymous : So effin CUTE!!! XD
  • sobs : oh my god i cried so many times through this gosh it was so painful to read i had to stop like 5 times because of how retarded they both are but then i came back because i just wanted to see them together again so bad ughhhhh i am so doooone!
  • Ink : Their relationship is like a rollercoaster of ups and downs, with so many twists and turns it'll make you sick.
  • Gods : Omggg...just take them both! No but deal!!! They're both freakin hot and seem to care for you! How much longer do you need to take to decide??!!
  • shekinashalom : i hate you
  • Anonymous : http://www.aacomic.com/comics/17526viewpage190610/ here ya go dip..............
  • loveyaoi : It awesome
  • Anonymous : OMFG yes its complete Christ!!! There is not other one, its the same fucking manga look it up.
  • AiTsuyoi : Judal! (or judar, which ever) -bounces with happiness- i always knew he would show less interest in Al Thamen if he knew more about them from Aladdin!
  • khayphang clan : First love is hard to forget, it's perfectly fit for seme but unfortunately not for Shinobu. He afraid to fall in love, afraid to fell pain, afraid to be hurt (HEH!!! he is a loser before try). Shinobu was so easy to give his butt to everybody who interested in him (bbwweehhh.......). Last time when Shinobu do it with a guy who love to hurt the partner, actually Makoto sensei can make 2 guy using force to make threesome to Shinobu until the owner come to help Shinobu. Then lets see is Shinobu still can say he that kind a guy if Shinobu still say that he not fit to become bartender but he fit become S&M worker. Advice for Shinobu why don't you call it package of love there is love, hurt, pain also hate if you can fell all of that, you can understand what is true love. So Shinobu are you dare to take that challenge ?
  • fattycatsocute : what a cutie little boys ><
    those cheeks!
  • himeko7 : Thumbs up all the way!! XD
  • so dandy : i love girly guy there so cute i want hug them story so cute
  • Thatguy : It was very bittersweet, the ending really warmed my heart. It was a bit painful to read though, I just couldn't stomach the guys personality.
  • Rehena : Someone just please translate this!!!!!!!
  • Evil Lady Pink : I agree I'm overjoyed because I know Shoutaro's pride will never aloud him to tell Kyoko how he feels and so he will be the cause of all his misfortune, that is priceless MUUUA HA HA HA HA!!! Still I'm a diehard RenxKyoko fan.
  • Rehena : Someone please translate this
  • sniperbullet : yeah so true, kou is baka and selfish. Poor touma being a martyr though :(( but i hope in the end futaba will learn to love touma more. Kou should just date narumi cause he's the only one who can understand her situation. I really hate how Kou is wishy washy, reminds me of my past crush T-T
  • Manga Devourer : Now I really want to read the story about the other couple. Hope it gets scanalated.
  • sniperbullet : i'm rooting for touma! his love is so pure and cute. I hope he'll end up together with futaba. Kou is indeed selfish, he needs to let go of futaba already, cause he made everything really hard for futaba
  • the one who cuts off dicks : I wanted the seme from the last story to go after the guys who raped his uke and cut off their dicks
  • ace : Happy ending (^▽^)
  • Manga Devourer : Awwwwwwwwwwww! Cliffhanger...noooo! Getting so good. Please update soon. Love it
  • wolflover : Ahh you son of bitch , you cannot leave us hanging like that. Please update
  • Funny girl : I almost cry!!
    Awesome story and art!
  • I Thot You Was a Toad : This is strictly a fantasy story, whatever the genre. There's no way a therapist would get away with pulling those sorts of stunts in most countries. Kurose would be drummed out of the profession, and might even end up in jail. His behaviour would be considered a radical breach of trust, and there are all kinds of articles written up about it in peer-reviewed professional journals about the subject of transference and love between therapists and their clients.

    As pure fantasy, though, I like it so far (up to chapter thirteen.) I don't know how much further the push into Shirotani's vulnerability I can take, though. If it gets into a stronger region of BDSM, I may have to drop it. I wouldn't be able to take Shirotani being even more emotionally damaged.
  • missmandy : i once wondered the same thing about why pink haired girls always have the same personality, and someone suggested it's because the color is associated with a certain type of personality. So maybe that's how it is for green hair.
  • princess p : I wouldn't mind reading a story on him too. But I know some fans would get all rabid about it because he is the villain in this story. There are plenty of stories where such a character gets their shot at the spotlight. So everyone should just enjoy the stories being dished out instead of spending all their time hating. I want to read all the characters' stories actually.
  • <$Rose$> : It was a good read. I Like it.
  • Errant Belle : This is definitely super trippy, but it's also interesting. If you are an adult who can handle intense stories I actually think it's worth a read. Just don't expect a lot of happy endings.
  • Omgomgomgomgomg : Oh.. Wait, so the two in th first story --they died??
  • KyoZaNa✿ : It's not complete. There're vol.2 - the sequel, Ouji to Senichiya (Arabian Romance).
  • Rain drops : Shit this manga it was damn awesome the art is good and the characters the ending was great I think the supernatural themed shoujo was the best...>_<
  • Rehena : Which makes The character soo unique. It is rare for an innocent kid with unusual kind of dislike exist.
  • Anonymous : Can someone add this to the rest of the other stories by this author?
  • lily_nuit : ok I'm the only one who fine Yuzuru to girly!? I don't dislike feminine uke but there ... i practically see him as a women ... I still like so much this sensei, but it's definitly not is best
  • Anonymous : Can someone place this with the rest of author Kim young here's works?
  • Mira : They just had to stop right there
  • CHASEY : R.I.P. for the mangaka the story was good also the art but still the ending was a bit predictable as the story goes..love it :o)
  • se : me, too. but she knew she was holding something that she couldn't keep, i think. bittersweet, not so bad. such a nice girl anyhow
  • The father tickles me. : He meets his grown daughter for the first time and when he finds out she's preggers he immediately starts planning a shotgun wedding.
  • mika : Man in uniform sre so my type yummy..... still want more.
  • Venus : Theres a sequel for Rui, though is a one shot the name is ... "Porotto Koboreta"
  • Anonymous : kakashi was a jerk.
  • neko neko : ...
  • Anonymous : I always thought iruka was more like a big brother, but I do miss iruka too. I think naruto feels like jiraiya was more of a dad because of the time they spent together training and traveling. I thought Kakashi was being kind of a dick to naruto during the chunnin exams, am I alone in that?
  • Sasugay : WAIT!! I forgot, Doffy's brother might have been the good one who understood
    why his father gave up his status/power.
    Probably the reason why Doffy doesn't like him.