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  1. Qwerty
    September 1, 2014 11:17 pm

    Can someone recommend a yaoi where the uke has black hair and may not be too keen on the idea of being a uke.

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  2. Person September 1, 2014 11:14 pm

    There was a yaoi manga I read a while back and I can't remember the title. It was about a man (uke) who played around with another man's (seme) sister. The seme kidnapped the uke and treated him like a slave, but ended up freeing the uke.

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  3. Crybaby September 1, 2014 11:01 pm

    Looking for two yaio it's a series. The first is about a boy who gets the wrong mail and winds up watching his neighbors av. Several things happen and they start dating. I believe the seme is a writer. The second is a spin off with the boy's school friend and the editor. Sorry bad describition.

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  4. Lena September 1, 2014 10:48 pm

    I'm looking for a manga where the main characters met at a drinking party while at college, and the seme had just broke up with his girlfriend, and the uke, jokingly, offers to confort him, but the seme accepts. They keep with the 'sex buddy' relationship for some years, but the uke can't keep with it cause he fell in love with the seme... It also turns out, at the end, that the seme likes him back (he even introduced himself as the uke's boyfriend to the uke's mum in order to know where he lived)
    I'm pretty sure is a two shot, but I got no idea of the name

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  5. Help! September 1, 2014 10:02 pm

    Pease help! Does anyone know the yaoi manga where a student fell for his teacher the guy confessed but the teacher didnt belived him (he was betrayed by his ex). the guy was staying overnight (was it camp? or maybe dorm?) with his friends/classmates, he than went to the teacher to confess again. The teacher didn't belive his, he got angry and rape the guy... that's all i remember(

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  6. Hello! September 1, 2014 9:30 pm

    Hey guys, I want a yaoi where the uke really suffers hahaha you know, something like being really bullied or suffer abuse or be raped... thanks :)

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  7. refresh me.... September 1, 2014 8:26 pm

    i keep forgeting the name of the story.....its about two sensei one the class teacher of 3-1 and the other 3-2...their love story and there is villan character called ibuki who later turns to be good....the name plz....!

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  8. Anonymous September 1, 2014 8:16 pm

    umm guys what would you do if you truly don`t know what`s your future is gonna be 1 day from now where it`s either gonna be destroyed or brighten up and since everyone around me is all nervous i`m the one that`s acting all cheerful and making it sooooo easy to go as not a big deal but i`m actually pretty depressed about it just what the heck should i do ?

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    • Anonymous September 1, 2014 8:23 pm

      Talk bout it with them and remember that everything will somehow workout XD trust me I works :)

    • Anonymous September 1, 2014 8:31 pm

      @anon lol i`m not that opened up to anyone it`s not in me to talk about such things even to my family , if something`s annoying me i usually keep it to myself or deal with it and then forget about it but this time i dunno why i wanted to share

  9. mira September 1, 2014 8:06 pm

    hey, does anyone know any good yaoi about delinquent/bad boy/ or dangerous seme and a shy/cute/or innocent uke?

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    • Anon September 1, 2014 11:27 pm

      I loved this one.. it was pretty slow at the start but gets much better and a real tear-jerker.

  10. princess lala <3 September 1, 2014 7:25 pm

    Do someone know a shoujo manga what is good an it should be a long manga

    P.s thank you

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    • June September 1, 2014 7:42 pm

      Strobe Edge, Shinobi Life, Orange

    • TSBR
      September 1, 2014 7:51 pm

      Ouran High School Host Club, Gakuen Alice, The Wallflower, Perfect Girl Evolution, Skip beat, Charming Junkies, Last Game, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. I could list more but it think that's enough for now

    • TSBR
      September 1, 2014 7:53 pm
      Ouran High School Host Club, Gakuen Alice, The Wallflower, Perfect Girl Evolution, Skip beat, Charming Junkies, Last Game, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. I could list more but it think that's enough for now TSBR

      They are all also animes of you're wondering, and the wallflower and perfect girl evolution are the exact same thing. the wallflower is the anime and perfect girl evolution is the manga, I put down both by accident

    • Anonymous September 1, 2014 7:59 pm
      They are all also animes of you're wondering, and the wallflower and perfect girl evolution are the exact same thing. the wallflower is the anime and perfect girl evolution is the manga, I put down both by acci... TSBR

      Thank you

    • Risa September 1, 2014 10:39 pm

      orange marmalade (really sweet!)

  11. <3... September 1, 2014 7:21 pm

    Do someone know a shoujo manga what is good an it should be a long manga

    P.s thank you

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  12. <3 .... September 1, 2014 7:18 pm

    Do someone know a shoujo manga what is good and It should be a long manga

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  13. <3... September 1, 2014 7:15 pm

    Do someone know a shoujo, romance manga that is good ??
    it should be long pls

    p.s thank you;)

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  14. <3... September 1, 2014 7:14 pm

    Do someone know a shoujo, romance manga that is good ??
    it should be long pls

    p.s thank you;)

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  15. <3... September 1, 2014 7:13 pm

    Do someone know a shoujo, romance manga that is good ??
    it should be long pls

    p.s thank you;)

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  16. Anonymous September 1, 2014 6:40 pm

    The uke and seme both r students
    Uke loves to cosplay like a women when he is with the seme

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  17. Jabba the Hut September 1, 2014 6:05 pm

    I feel like want to read some novels (well, gay novels)...do you guys have any recommendation any good gay novels?

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    • Jabba the Hut September 1, 2014 6:06 pm

      *recommendation of

    • IAmMyself
      September 1, 2014 6:10 pm

      hua hua you long
      for ameture gay novels, you ould always search booksie. 'creative' writing (full-on adult scenes) is given much more freedom on booksie as compared to wattpad.

    • Jabba the Hut September 1, 2014 6:59 pm
      hua hua you long
      for ameture gay novels, you ould always search booksie. 'creative' writing (full-on adult scenes) is given much more freedom on booksie as compared to wattpad. IAmMyself

      thanks :D

    • X September 1, 2014 7:29 pm
    • Lestee
      September 1, 2014 8:24 pm

      Thank you guys!!!


  • Sapphirewoman : I like this story alot more please thanks;)
  • jino : the surfing story just killed me omg "Were you too busy riding in something else?" >3<
  • Anonymous : I look forward to it:)
  • Anonymous : You are rude. You seem to be the type of girl with a one track mind. I dont know but a rapist doesnt rape someone to be looked as a bad guy but a pretend "rapist" yes. Like the girls who are prgnant and drug a guy to make a scene that looks like they had sex so that he thinks the baby is his, if she went all the way it would be considered rape. I would consider what satonaka did a mistake that we all do. Like cheating on your partner, hurting your partner physically or emotionally because you were drven by jealousy, being drunk and raping your partner, we are all hum, we are not perfect, we make mistakes that we arent proud of some worst that others, but I felt like satonaka felt bad for what he did, I mean he could have not told anyone that he didnt go all the way with nanao but he told kuon to me that is someone who feel bad and wanted nanao to know, he knew that he hurt nanao a lot, he wanted nanao to stop making himself feel dirty and be happy. I truly believe that. Someone who is evil to the core will do the impossible to break someone up. Satonaka surrendered and accepted that nanao will never be his. He isnt all bad. He made some stupid mistakes but he isnt a bad guy.and u think what nanao did wasnt rape right, well little girl yes he did rape kuon. Read back kuon didnt know what was happening he was confusent, he did not consent to having sex. Ive seen a case like that the victim didnt think it was rape but the judge sent the girl to jail for raping the boy. Nanao made the same mistake, he didnt think about how kuon would feel he just did it. You will also make a stupid mistake when your blinded by jealousy or anger. There are a lot of people or criminal what ever you want to call them, that are not that bad. They just bad a mistake that they regret because they were blinded by money and many other things. My psychology friend visits them and speaks to them. We are all good but are blinded by emotions and possessions. It shows that you are still young.
  • Anonymous : Is "Owl" male of female? the gender hasn't been specified yet, so what do you all think?
  • Anonymous : Thanks, for the raws. I found those, but they're not complete. The ones on SS + summary wasn't complete either. If anyone has the completed raws, I'll translate them.
  • Anonymous : I hope Kaneki dones't die! And I hope Arima doesn't die either!
  • Yuukiv : Thanks!
  • @ 3rd anonymous : the links are below.
  • :) : try other manga viewing sites
  • Yamiga : To be honest, I don't see how Lightasus is being a bitch, or a troll. Katty, I don't mean to be rude, but isn't that a huge accusation coming from you? The way you insult people, calling them dumb or idiots for their opinions and theories is rude. I think that constitutes you to be quite 'bitchy', no? Furthermore, agreeing with a troll (yes, the person who made this thread is a troll), makes you seem more hypocritical and troll like than before. Point blank, the only person I've seen acting out of page here is you. Yes, not everyone will like the next person's opinions, but does that really constitute the behaviour you've been showing? Lightasus isn't acting rude or anything like that, she's just giving us her opinion and frankly, facts to back up that opinion. While I'm still not a solid believer of the theory, I won't call her a bitch because of it. For the longest time, you've been acting very aggressive towards a lot of users on here. The point of mangago's comment section is for people to share their opinions without the fear of being bashed or anything of the sort. That's not always the case but still, people shouldn't have to be looking over their shoulders just to make sure they won't get attacked. In short, you haven't made a good name for yourself. People don't like the way you bash them or call them idiots just for simple things. If you don't like someone's opinion or theory then don't even reply or read the thread, it's that easy. I'm sorry if I'm sounding rude but your comment was just uncalled for. Lightasus can do what she wants and you should not be rude to her for it.
  • Anon : Well the mangaka is lucky to have fans like you guys that love her work so much.. I personally just love the artwork. Hopefully this manga will still be up here.. some idiot reported this manga.
  • Anonymous : I found raws, but probably not one by one...
    And I found scans with sub espanol and they are probably in good order:
    And I don't know if these are all pages...
  • Anonymous : Cute.
  • » PearlyChii « : Awh I wanted to see more of their kids.. xD
    It's so sad,, that t ended already. :(
  • Aeka : Oh, believe me... That wasn't hard yaoi ;)
  • :D : Ha.ha.ha. this is really adorable. Very good read indeed.
  • Lightasus : @Anon
    Bah, if anything, I think it's the english readers that read too much into it. But I may have been reading too much with my interpretations, actually what I wanted was to find a bunch of them. Some are far-fetched, I did not categorize them, so oh well x).

    Oh, and I was jumping all over the place because I posted as I was turning things over in my head, it would've been wiser to wait. Like, less confusion.
    Okay, when I say your proofs seemed that way, I mean most of mine were too (aside of the translation thing, then again the only thing it proves is the ambiguosity). We're talking about unconfirmed theories, what we say cannot prove or disprove one to this day, even when to one person something seems to evident and to the other so ''horrible''. Actually I think we like to believe what we think sounds better, so x).
  • Sakuya : Please keep on updating. I look forward for the next chapters!!
  • yutzupracachia : I kinda lost my shit at the translator's note on this page (http://www.mangago.com/read-manga/rakuda_tsukai_to_ouji_no_yoru/bt/238434/Vol1_Ch1/8/) "a RACE of people in the sahara" ????? what the fuck ???!!!
  • Sapphirewoman : I like this story alot more please thanks;)
  • Lightasus : Nah, I get it. It's actually what I thought at first, but you were replying to another one so if confused me... Anyway, not sure why you assumed it had bad translation about this specific scene, not saying that there aren't, but there's nothing major. And yes, most of your proofs seemed like that to me. But sorry that I sounded rude, I may have written this way too fast and didn't think much on the moment ^^'. Certainly, I did not express myself clearly, so we ended up annoying each other.

    And yes, there is a lot to prove for this theory to be accurate. That is why we're talking about theories. But things that disprove it? Seems like not, depends on little things like how you see the fact that nobody directly mentionned him. Wether you think of it in a realistical point, or in a fictional point (this is a manga, she can do things like that, and it's not totally unnatural since they did say stuff like children and newphews). Now, if we don't think the same way about it, let's not argue about that, this'll lead to nothing x). This is all up to personal interpretation, it works either way depending on that sort of stuff.

    About the report, it could be the same person that ''reported'' Viewfinder. Still not down ;). Either the publishers don't give a damn, I mean they already know about websites like that, or the person never bothered to do it and just wanted to troll. I wouldn't worry too much.
  • Anonymous : where is Vol. 28 -41?????
    100 chapters lost nooo!!
  • Nya : Yipeeeee
  • viviane1993 : Xix is Seirin son because, do you forget that Xix has traded Semek the demon clan treasure to Osky for his revenge ? If you read "CHapter their past" the caretaker of Xix has told that Xix mother seem to be noble and before running she has left Semek with Xix. If Siana was related to Seirin why didn't her give Semek ? Me too I was very confused but when I read that Xix has traded Semek and I reread the "chapters their past" I begun to understand. Don't you remember when Just has said to Nex he is his son and Nex has questionned him about Semek ? That mean Nex knew that Seirin has left Semek with her baby before being captured.
  • i saww it again : ... no feeling aloud we all have to wait and see even doee the raw have its saying...!!!
  • Anonymous : Okay. So...........tell me. What type of rapist stops and doesnt go all the way. I dont know about you but rapist dont care about anything but having pleasure in raping someone, he is not goin to stop and double think about what he is doing his penis does all the thinking. I mean, nanao is there, not moving, wont be able to resist, it his chance to make him his again, why didnt he do it? Tell me why didnt he do it, why didnt he go all the way and stopped when he saw kuon was calling nanao.
  • Anon : Its just a manga. I think you're reading too much into it.
  • Katty : You have a problem with getting what you mean across in the first place right, you stumble over yourself like a wee rabbit. (Good to know, I have the same problem. Probably why everyone likes to jump onto me for no good reason.)

    I didn't finish your post at the bottom, you were running on and on and with my migraine I can't really tolerate long winded replies without making my head throb even more. Now if you had done this in the first place I wouldn't have been so harsh. But you still have things that disprove the theory regardless, that I hope you won't deny. (I way too tired to argue today.. LOL)

    And yes, you did sound a bit bitchy. You may not have thought you did, but that was how I interpreted your response to me. Btw, you sounded like a bitch in the "Why are you so stuck up on the anime" and the "Please inform yourself a bit and don't jump to conclusions D:

    Your ''evidences'' are mostly translation errors and characters not directly referering to it lol (again, newphews and children is quite the fishy choice of words). You're disproving nothing with saying that." that right there made you sound like a bitch to my throbbing head, the other post under that one didn't sound as bitchy but the first left the impression. Get what I mean? Probably not. Either way it seems you posting your hints has gotten the manga reported for some reason.. (still don't understand why someone did that. Granted the theory is a sour topic but to report the manga over someone posting about it??)
  • I Thot You Was a Toad : Finish reading it, that is.
  • I Thot You Was a Toad : Kawaii Touko's stories are so good. It would be lovely to read this one.
  • Lightasus : I can delete the older one if you want :0
    But let's keep in-topic please.
  • Anonymous : SERIOUSLY????

    Once is enough keep it to one thread already!
    though many other ppl hate it
  • Katty : I said she sounded bitchy at the moment Anonymous, and I told her that's how she sounded to me, a bitch. Now how did this go from someone reporting the manga to a bitch rant at me... Hm..
  • u dumb : In a rape case u dont know the person. There isnt a book that tells u wat he did how he is. There are two cases.The girl and the family could be lyin and want to take money out of the so called "rapist". As in there xould be an innocent man going to jail and people like you could be the cause of that, ull buy the bs the girl and family are saying, ull be a softy. Theres been many cases like this. Or theres the rapist who makes bs and want u to side with him and feel bad for him, but I dont know about u but no matter what caused him to rape the victim, u arent gettin the benefit of the doubt but id never be a judge to decide that. my point is none of us would judge at a rape case cause u dont know the truth, one side is lying and the other side is telling the truh, and who is tellig the truth, we dont know leave it for the experts. So stop actin like u know s***.
  • Anonymous : Cute.
  • Alice : oh if you say it like that then I hate it too ;)
  • Anonymous : You may be right. But what if hisa nii fell in love with him. Kuon cant say s**t. Its his love life not kuons. Kind of like kuon didnt like his little brothers boyfriends, forgot there names, its his brother with nanao brother right?, anyway there together, kuon cant say anything or prevent his brother from fall in love wih satonaka. Love is love. I bet u nanao will support satonaka. I bet u!!!!! I know nanao character and peronality and he will support satonaka. I mean come on he forgave him for wat he did.
  • MaRy : I;m still sad...becouse i can't belive it's finished :( but good read...
    thanks 4 ur hard work
    I don't know about u but i wanted Kuroko and Kagami get together...yeah yeah i know it wasnt a yaoi manga but still...i'm just shipping KagamixKuroko so bad :D
  • Manny : damn that girl always getting in the way...why can't people understand the meaning of no?!?!
  • idk why : Idk jnow why but I saw it that way to. As I was reading it I felt he did it on purpose cause he didnt rape him all the way, if he had really bad intention he would have made nanao his at that time, why would he have to stop and make all that shit up when he could have raped him. I tell you there is no rapist that second think of what he is doing and DOESNT RAPE someone all the way. All of u guys can say he is bad but I dont see it, when I read that he didnt do anyhing except groping, I couldnt stop to think that he isnt that bad. He said all that to make nanao hate him. Thats my opinion, but nanao did rape kuon or else nanao wouldnt be feeling bad about the whole incident.
  • Pia : I'm sure it was more of a sexual foam.
  • Penny : This may be the 10th. time i read it.
    I really love this one, it makes me cry but the feelings of love and peace thet it shares are so beautiful....
  • SamuraiSx : oww want moreee!!!
  • Lightasus : I'll paste it again because it seemed ignored ^^'. I just think everyone should be aware of this. I won't do it again, no worries :)
    Here's the POV of a japanese person who's reading the original one. I think it's really interesting, you should definetively read it, you'll see the base of my point about the mistranslations more clearly, because i'm not there to argue about my interpretations that I never thought as 100% proofs anyway, I just deemd them as interesting to keep in mind and consider:

    ''Hallo everyone, I'm a new member here and I'm from Japan.
    As far as I read blogs and forums of Japanese fans, it seems like most people here believe in the "Ciel had a twin brother"-theory. To be more precise: the "young master" we used to know since Chapter1 is NOT true Ciel, but he took the identity of his older twin brother, the REAL Ciel Phantomhive, who died 3 years ago on the sacrifice altar.

    I know some of you think that the twin-theory is abrupt and that it makes no sense.
    But regardless of whether this theory is true or not, you should remember that you are reading the TRANSLATED version of the manga. Japanese language is really complicated and ambiguous, so it is very difficult to translate it properly. As someone already said, there is no strict differentiation between singular and plural in our language. For example: If someone says "kodomo", which means "child/cildren", he could mean one child, two children or more children, so as in case of Madam Red's flashback in Ch.10: Yes, the nurse says "It's a boy." in the English version, but in the original version she just says: "Otokonoko desuyo", which could mean "It's a boy" OR "They are boys".
    Added to this linguistic problem, we aslo have an INTERPRETATION problem. Since translators aren't omniscent, they first have to intrepret what Yana could have meant and then, they can start to translate. As a result, there might be a DISCREPANCY between the translators's interpretation and Yana's intention.

    I read both Japanese and English version of this manga and unfortunately, there ARE some translation mistakes/inaccuracies in the English version. Here are some examples:
    - Chapter 10, (http://www.kuroshitsujimanga.com/10/33/)
    English Tranlsation: "My gentle sister and others, my cute nephew, people I loved."
    Japanese original: "My gentle sister and others, my cute nephews, people I loved" (-> "Oikko-tachi", Oikko = nephew/nephews, tachi = suffix to express plural).
    *Madam Red could have meant Ciel and Lizzy. But since Lizzy is not her niece, it is more likely that she meant the twins.

    - Chapter 32, (http://www.kuroshitsujimanga.com/32/13/)
    English translation: "The Earl along with his wife and son were killed."
    Japanese original: "The Earl along with his children." (-> "Okosama-tachi", Okosama= child/children, tachi = see above)
    *If Joker really meant Ciel and Rachel as in the English version, he probably would have said so, but he chose the word "CHILDREN".

    - Chapter 90, (http://www.kuroshitsujimanga.com/90/17/):
    English translation: "Ciel! Don't take ME away!".
    Japanese original: "Ciel! Don't take (HIM) away!".
    *This is the most serious mistake so far I noticed in the English translation.

    As you can see, the grammatical rule about singular/plural, object/subject etc. in Japanese language is really ambiguous, confusing and annoying, even for native speakers, so I don't intend to criticize the translators. I just wanted to say that in the original manga, it was NEVER confirmed that Ciel is the only child OR that he has siblings. Yana usually formulates the characters's lines so that both interpretations are possible.

    Apart from all the above mentioned aspects, the biggest hint for the "young-master-is-not-true-Ciel"-theory is, that Sebastian, who does NOT lie (as it is part of the contract, see Ch.62), never called the young master by name, i.e. "Ciel". Moreover, whenever young master calls himself "Ciel Phantomhive", Sebastian always laughs cynically and says that young master is a liar.

    So, that's how we Japanese fans see it. And this is just one of many possiblilities. Yana is really good in misleading the readers, so maybe all of these theories (twins, imaginary friend, identitiy disorder, etc) might turn out completely wrong. Yana only knows...
    Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the next chapter and, of course, to watching the 3rd season of the anime! Yattaaah=)''

    I've also made some interpratations and cleared up some other mistranslations on my other post, so it is also worth checking out :). My point is only that the theory definetively shouldn't be ignored, I'm not trying to prove it's necessarily right. But it seems some people didn't get my point properly, maybe because it was lost in the sea of interpretations, so yeah ^^'.

    In japanese, the original text, it is totally ambiguous and Yana never confirmed either way, thanks to her great grasp of the japanese language that can work around this. English cannot translate this properly, the translator has to make his own interpretation about the plurals and genders. They can also make other silly mistakes, because they're humans. Though she is hinting more toward the twin thing, like already said, she has a knack for misleading readers. So who knows, I'm not here to make big assumptions, but only to say it is nowhere near being dead.
  • So Random... : I swear every time i read this, I'm always distracted by the fact that Takashiro-sama looks like Havi from Crimson Spell! Lol :
  • Anonymous : such a good explanation---
  • Yezhik : http://www.77mh.com/colist_234875.html
    It was pretty easy actualy...
  • AiTsuyoi : love the last page! that was a total challenge right there! very i-know-what-you-did dish
  • Bell the Cat ♥ : Then just go watch some porn!
    Don't bother leaving a comment... really -_-
  • Anonymous : Just because someone doesn't agree with does not make them a bitch Katty. If anything, you're the rudest bitch on the kuroshitsuji from
  • tokidoki : Thanks to you being a(n) _____ [fill in the blank yourself] ... who knows what will happen? What is your problem? Are people not allowed to have opinions? I have not read the comments, but your attitude is seriously juvenile.
  • luxiufer : http://luxiufer.livejournal.com/tag/hhyl%20chapter%2010

    though you can find from the tag, but, oh well... XD
    that's the link, chapter 10.
  • Eh : The story fails to convince me that they are in love. I feel no emotion from those two, just plain sex, not that hot. I'd give a 2.5/5 rating
  • lovemangaalldaylong : I got to say that this arc has been fucking awesome so far! It keeps getting better and better! So much eye candy whether your male or female but besides that you can see each characters development so clearly and it is an emotional rollercoaster!! What I love best in this manga series compared to other shounen types is its diversity also there romance innuendos on quite a few characters which I love I seriously can't wait for future chapters and this arc to be animated! There is so many characters I like in this series my favourite is Lucy just love everything about her as a character but I do like the other fairytail characaters too :-)
  • Lightasus : Actually, I read my post again, and I don't see where I've been a ''stuck up bitchy whiner'' :/
  • MassoGirl : when will come out the next chapter? at the end the author said see you on the chapter 6... but when it will come out?
  • Mira : What happened to the cover?!
  • Lightasus : Sorry if I sounded a bit bitchy, your attitude about it is actually aggravating to me ^^'. It's hard to sound 100% polite all the time in those instances, even though I try do my best, I'm not a saint and unfortunately cannot keep my calm all the time. Also, if I don't make some sort of stand, you'll continue to stomp on the theory even further with baseless proofs, and it's highly annoying, let's have a civil conversation by respecting each others D: The difference with everyone here is that while we believe on one or another, we don't bash the one we don't like directly. Here I was just trying to make my point and say that because of how the japanese language is constructed, issues about plurals are bound to happen, and put everyone is the wrong by creating ''proofs'' that actually does not exist in the original material, and we're missing some things along the way because that's what translations do.

    But since you don't want to read anything I've said, I'll give up on your case and on replying to you further. You stick to your translation errors, even ignore people who read the manga in it's original language, what can I do. If you took what I've said about the language in consideration, it'd be less annoying. Also, you're the one parading saying the theory is all horrible, like you know everything... I never even said either was wrong or right, where am I showing that I know everything? Because I made some research that could clear up some misconceptions? Again, read... with an open mind if that's possible. If you do so, you having another opinion is totally fine by me, as long as you don't bash others for not thinking the same as you.

    Like, Elsa's opinion is totally fine by me. Not aggravating me one bit. She's actually giving very good points. Without bashing the theory. See what she's done different. I don't ship 100% one theory over the other anyway, but no one defended that one since you always shut them up, so here I am doing this.
  • Anonymous : It's cuuuuteee ~~ <3
  • Anonymous : lol really nice but TOO SHORT !!
  • nanao-san : LOL ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! my gosh! we have to find nozaki-kun now!! xD
  • articwolf : older cums in his younger brother's body and the younger brother.... what the hell is that wolf in sheep clothing doing exactly?! hahah
  • Anonymous : @anon scroll down to the ones below and you`ll see it
  • Anonymous : totally agree
  • cea fin : oh my this is very good...
  • Anon2 : Yeah, I feel the same too. Their interaction appear one sided and stopped being adorable at some point.
  • yumi : This manga is so good regardles of their age gap
  • Akumetsu clone #23 : There's another manga called inugami wolf I think. Another good read. Will love it get started on it
  • Lai : ;~; wahhh the waiter....but the dj was very nice indeed
  • cea fin : i really like this very cute and playful
  • anime lover ( mahima ) : its really nice to have a childhood friend at least but i dont have one so idk how it feels but when i read mangas like these i kind of want on to.
  • JOK3r : ugh this manga is turning into complete crap. i'm pretty sure if mei explained to yuzu what's happening things would get better.
  • anime lover ( mahima ) : huh why do u think its bad thts how life goes sometimes.....
  • okey umm... : read this one befor, hate the last one and the first one was okey but -.-